Special Offer for Listeners: 3-Day Stock Market Investing Workshop from Investment Guru Phil Town

Special Offer for Listeners: 3-Day Stock Market Investing Workshop from Investment Guru & Best-selling Author Phil Town

You got a taste of Rule #1 investing and its power to take decades off of your retirement age from my interview with Phil Town. Now wouldn’t you like to take it to the next level and apply it in your life to build wealth and legacy?


As a special gift to The Optimized Geek listeners, Phil Town, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Rule #1: The Simple Strategy for Successful Investing in Only 15 Minutes a Week is providing an amazing offer to attend his revolutionary Transformational Investing LIVE! workshop, for free.


I paid over $1,000 to attend this very same workshop. I ran to the back of the room to sign both my and my fiancée up after I heard Phil speak at a Peak Potentials event. At $1,000 it was worth every penny. Now imagine getting that same value for free! Phil is offering it for free to our listeners; you’ll just need to take care of your transportation to Atlanta and lodging.


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Transformational Investing LIVE! is a 3-day, value-packed workshop, held in various US locations, where Phil Town will educate you and provide you the tools you need to start navigating the waters of value investing on your own, and start making huge returns. You’ll learn:

  • How Rule #1 changes your investing focus
  • Why the best investors in the world rely on it
  • Understanding and valuing a business: the 4 M’s
  • How to find great stocks by copying the best Rule #1 investors
  • How to vote your values with your money and why that will change the world
  • How to use the arrows and charting to reduce risk and increase returns
  • How to sell “insurance” for cash flow and to reduce basis
  • How to ‘rent stock’ for more cash flow and reduced basis
  • How to get 20% per year dividends
  • How to create an inflation-proof portfolio
  • How to turn $2000 a year into $3 million
  • And much more!

By the time you’re through with his workshop, you’ll have developed your action plan for starting your own investment profit machine. There’s a ton of valuable info to be learned here, so expect to be working from the time you arrive until you leave. You’ll learn how to make a lot of money from companies you really believe in, and potentially change your entire life’s financial path. Furthermore, there will be absolutely no selling at all at this workshop-you’ll be able to learn without feeling any kind of pressure to buy into any sort of plan or commitment.


Simply fill out the form below to get started on reserving your spot:

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