10 Arguments in favor of yoga

10 arguments in favor of yoga

The popularity of yoga did not even fall into quarantine – instructors and practices "rebuilt" to the online format of classes. What prompts an increasing number of people to engage and what benefit to the health of the physical and mental is carrying this ancient practice?

The world is oversaturated with information. The person’s affairs are becoming more and more, and only 24 remains in the days. We lose sleep, mental balance, mental balance. A huge number of tasks falls into a gravity burden on our shoulders. With such a load, I really want to stay healthy. And for this you need mechanisms that will discharge the tension.

Yoga classes – a great option in order to unload your body and head and improve health.

What benefits give us yoga?

10 Arguments in favor of yoga
  • Strong body. Teachers of antiquity knew how to use all muscle groups in the body, how to connect their actions with breathing and achieve the maximum study of each movement. Already after a few classes, you will notice that the body has become stronger and more flexible.
  • Pure, proper nutrition. Engage in practicing yoga, you will inevitably begin to follow what food you use. Even intuitive you can feel what food is beneficial, and from what it is worth refuse.
  • Strong, high-quality sleep. You get the necessary physical exertion, watch your thoughts and eat right – and thanks to this sleep better. Without getting out of bed, you can also practice yoga for falling asleep and awakening.
  • Clear mind. Agree: We worry about different everyday problems every day, the mind is moving back and forth, without leaving you alone. Constant anxiety causes stress in the body and badly affects health. Yoga helps to hear silence, calm down and put in order.
  • Healthy psyche. All of the above helps to support mental health. We learn to manage emotions and feelings. Easier to experience conflicts and are easier to allow them.
  • Good mood. People who regularly practice yoga become happier and vigorous. This is due to the fact that regular bodily and respiratory practices ensure healthy work of the endocrine system. Yoga stimulates the production of "Hormones of happiness".
  • More energy. Yoga helps to cope with stress. Being in a resource condition, you can help other people: your family, friends, loved ones.
  • Discipline. Yoga is a story not only about exercise (asana), but also about discipline. And those who are able to organize themselves, rather achieve their goals.
  • Harmony and balance. These are the conditions that are so necessary to modern man. Regular practice of yoga helps to calm the mind, to come to communion with himself feel better.
  • physical health. Proper nutrition, strong muscles, and more importantly – peace of mind and the ability to make calls and to withstand stress without stress – all of which help to better cope with the disease and strengthens the immune system.

Yoga – is primarily a union with its deep essence, higher self, with your subconscious mind, inner child, with his intuition. Similar state we experience when we embrace his children, loved ones or pets when we feel inspired and understand how and what to do.

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