10 Beliefs that prevent your financial freedom

10 beliefs that prevent your financial freedom

Dreaming of material well-being, do we understand what prevents achieving the desired? Albert Einstein believed that our beliefs and presentations are often a trap limiting our capabilities. Let’s try to figure it out in this matter and find a way out of the situation.

Beliefs help to quickly make decisions, feel more comfortable and more confident. They are formed under the influence of society and the experience that we get throughout life. Get rid of them is not easy.

Why work on convictions?

You are uncomfortable? Feel that they could achieve more, but something all the time pulls you down or keeps in place, not letting the financial ceiling, promote yourself as an expert, achieve more complex goals? Most likely they are prevented by them – your beliefs.

Admit: Have you ever thought that all rich people have acquired their property with a dishonest way? This is one of the belief that has strengthened in us after the dashing 90s, when many "rose": "Money – evil", "I will not earn honest work".

At the same time everyone wants to live, and not to survive. Afford to relax here and now, and not to save for a trip for three years. Help your parents to ensure the future of children. For financial freedom costs a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčopportunities: to choose what life to live, what work work, what to dress, how to develop.

Health will not buy, but you can afford the best spa and medical centers, high-quality food and full weekend, consultation of a psychologist or coach for psychological unloading and personal growth. The state of the body and the soul is just the canvas of health, the care of which accurately ensure with the help of material means.

In this article, I will figure out 10 major beliefs that interfere with financial freedom, and will tell you how to work with them.

What are the beliefs

1. I want to make money quickly

Random transactions bring easy income, but do not allow to grow and develop financially. Quickly earned – they spent quickly. It often happens that people who won the lottery or have received a lot of inheritance, spend a state and return to the same level on which they were before, or roll even lower. Or businessmen who, having received the first profit, immediately consider themselves successful and begin to live without means. But if today it was possible to sell the goods, it is not a fact that tomorrow will be able to repeat success.

  • What gave rise to such conviction? Life in salary limitations to salaries, insecurity, lack of culture of money handling in childhood.
  • What to do? Work on the perspective, think strategically and lay the installation that success is the result of your consistent actions.

2. No time on business

Time in principle never happens enough, but the possibilities are located there, where our attention is concentrated. Therefore, there is a necessary resource for true desires.

  • What gave rise to such conviction? The habit of everything to do itselves, the overabundance of the tasks set on the day, superproductivity and the eternal race for unattainable goals, the lack of time management skills.
  • What to do? Make a plan with intermediate actions, every day 10-20-30 minutes to pay them to execute, delegate operations, hire assistants.

3. I must do everything to be proud of myself

You can not ask for help and from the last strength to achieve everything yourself. But why, if in the end, people assess the quality of your product, and not how much energy you spent on its creation? By the way, thanks to synergies (cooperation) many businesses have grown many times.

  • What gave rise to such conviction? Low self-esteem, excellent syndrome.
  • What to do? Typing the team in which everyone will be a professional. Collect the Bank of Ideas, Rutting Hypotheses, Create Affiliate Relationships.

4. The more we make investments in the business, the more profitable it becomes

Money, communication, resources will definitely help increase your income. But will give you an advantage over competitors only for a while.

10 Beliefs that prevent your financial freedom
  • What gave rise to such conviction? Observation of such a scenario from others and the conclusion that everyone should be.
  • What to do? Instead of searching for another niche or sales channel, concentrate on your competitive advantages, on strong qualities, on the ability to think non-standard.

5. I do not need advice! I know everything better than everyone

From the position of the leaders hard to adopt someone else’s experience and delegate. Authoritarian bosses are trying to do everything, to check everything, and as a result, burn.

  • What gave rise to such conviction? Distrust of people, high self-esteem.
  • What to do? Learn to trust, form the installation that communication with other people helps to develop business faster and more efficient.

6. I do not have a mistake. Need to do everything perfect or not do at all

This conviction deeply popped in the heads of those who often scold in childhood. So an adult man is scared to do something wrong. But misses are useful and indicate new opportunities. No matter how many times you fell, most importantly – how many times you got up.

  • What gave rise to such conviction? Inflated requirements for yourself, uncertainty, low self-esteem.
  • What to do? Refer to errors as for experience. Try and not be afraid. In the case of failure, each person has the right to upset, get angry and live its emotions. But every our failure is the way to success.

7. Money is dirt

This belief in principle kills love for work. A person with such conviction does not feel satisfaction from his activities, lowly evaluates and is ready to work for a penny.

  • What gave rise to such conviction? Remember the phrase from the old movie: "Our people do not drive into a bull on a taxi". In the Soviet Union, high income and sizes immediately caused questions, envy and censure. Our grandparents or parents have passed such convictions to the following generations.
  • What to do? Change your attitude to the essence of money. Money is a form of gratitude for work. If my work appreciate, then I appreciate myself.

eight. I will not have a successful business, since I know little and I can

There are professions where you need to work for a long time and hard, for example, a doctor, pilot or lawyer. But at the same time there are enough examples in business, where young, bold and complete enthusiasm enthusiapers have achieved incredible heights. Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and others received experience and knowledge directly in the process of creating their business.

  • What gave rise to such conviction? Low self-esteem, impostor syndrome.
  • What to do? Form the installation that the right business begins with strategy and desire. Everything you need can always be learned as needed.

nine. To earn a lot of money, you need to work hard

The most highly paid work is no longer associated with heavy physical exertion. Now everyone chooses how to earn. With the mass distribution of online professions you can increase the level of income, which you have before this is offline.

  • What gave rise to such conviction? Installation was transferred from generation to generation. Our grandparents worked at the factories, our parents worked in five days, duty at night, took the second shift to feed the family.
  • What to do? To form a setup: "Money can be earned easily and with pleasure". Do not create new difficulties, solve the tasks. Think that you get the best, and monetize your skills.

ten. Honest hard work a lot of money to earn

Very comfortable installation that justifies fear and laziness. Why try to be successful when you can just be a good person. However, you can find many examples of honest business, where people give something valuable to people, such as a quality product, jobs, useful service.

  • What gave rise to such conviction? The substitution of concepts occurred due to witnessing films and books, where we see cruel and greedy rich people who go through the heads.
  • What to do? Form the installation that business can benefit not only to its owner, but also to other people.

As a psychologist helps to change beliefs?

You come to coaching with a certain query: for example, buried in the financial ceiling, work a lot and hard, but batching in place. In the course of collaboration, you find answers to your questions and allocate those reasons that prevent you from making more.

One of the participants of my transformation program had many applications for services, but the time was catastrophically lacked. Revenues did not grow with the existing demand. During the coaching, she found the belief that she prevented: "I must do everything to be proud of myself". We reworked it into a positive installation: "Request for help – a sign of strong, confident and successful entrepreneurs". The client scored a team out of 10 people and increased its revenue from 400 thousand. up to 1.5 million.

Awareness of your beliefs and readiness over them will help you to go to financial freedom and live the life you want. If independently failed to achieve the desired result, you can always refer to a business psychologist. He will direct and significantly save time. You will not look for a black cat in a dark room, and you will be vexed to work on your installations.

Your beliefs in your hands. Or rather, in the head. Change thoughts, and your world will change! And if the changes are not easy, you can contact a business psychologist for helping how many entrepreneurs do.

10 Beliefs that prevent your financial freedom

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