10 Best children’s books for summer reading

10 best children’s books for summer reading

If for your child reading – great pleasure, please him in the holidays with cute new items, which chose our literary browser Elena Pestereva. However, this selection will be interested in even those children and adolescents who opens up with reluctance – so here are beautiful illustrations and exciting texts.

"Handful of ripe strawberries"

Natalia Akulov. From 4 years

The debut stories of Natalia Akulova about the life of the preschool Sani Sanya opened the children’s editorial office of the "Alpina" publishing house. Sanya is loud, active, inventive – such names "Patzanenok". Reading about her with the child, you will tell you where the children come from, as jam boils, put plaster and milk cows. There are in stories Sweet rapid lyrism of summer evenings. "What smells strawberries?"Sanya asks. "Andersen, – says her dad, – in extreme cases – Pushkin". And mom objects: "No Pushkin. Strawberries smell like happiness. (Alpina. Children, 2018)

"Calendar Kipper", "Little Friends of Kipper"

Mick Inkpen. From 2 years

Baby Cyprus of the British Artist Mika Incpena – Friendly and Indeed. In the early summer, he noticed that in the light of "much more living beings with paws and wings than you can imagine," and began to figure out how small owls, pigs, ducks and frogs are called. As he was called himself when was very small? He learns quickly and besides the world comprehends together with friends – so fun. Total books about Cipele three, in them warm intonation, funny drawings and pleasant rounded cardboard pages. (Translation from English Artem Andreeva. Polyyndria, 2018)

"Together with Polina"

Didier Dufresn. From 1 year

This series of books will help develop independence in children from one and a half years. Polina girl teaches her doll buddling brushing teeth, swim, dress, cook the cake and make a lot of other useful things. Books about Polina Eight, all of them are collected in one set and written by Montessori-teacher, there are simple and understandable instructions for parents – start now, and to 3 years to get together for a walk and fit to sleep will be easier. (Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, 2018)

"Paddington Bear"

Michael Bond. From 6 years old

Paddington – Child Love, like Winnie Pooh. Alan Miln presented his bear son for his birthday. And Michael Bond His – Wife for Christmas. And then told her stories about this plush bear, very smart and very stable at the same time. Paddington arrived in London from Dorma Peru. He lives in the usual brownian family with their children and the housekeeper, wears a marmalade in the pockets of a blue coat and in Tulle of the Red Hat, walks on excursions around the city and the upperizers, in the zoo and to visit, friendly with Antiquarian Mr. Cruber and loves the old light. I read Michael Bond’s stories with a 12-year-old teenager and do not know who of us they are more expensive. But the kids will also love – Paddington loves several generations around the world. (Translation from English Alexandra Glebovskaya, ABC, 2018)

"At the cottage! History of country life "

Evgenia Gunter. From 6 years old

Remember, Lopakhin sold the cherry garden under the country? Then there are summer cottages and entered into fashion. With their appearance, the luxury of summer in nature went to employees, allocations, students. Evgenia G√ľnther tells, and Olesya Giserovskaya shows how the libraries and musical instruments were transported for the summer, as they met from the trains of family fathers, what a bathing and why Soviet daches built houses 4 x 4 m, what is a "dacha kindergarten" and as summer cottages helped us survive in the hungry 90s. However, it is a children’s book, your child will find out how to make whistle, slingshot, dugout and tarzanka, learn how to play towns and Petank, get ready! (Walking in history, 2018)

"Big Book of Sea"

Yuval Zommer. From 4 years

10 Best children's books for summer reading

Please offer this book to a child only if you really chose "on the sea", and not "in the country". Because to flip it without the possibility to touch the jellyfish with your hands and look at the fish eyes – sore: it is very beautiful. Sharks and sea turtles, seals and whales, children’s questions and detailed answers, stunning illustrations – Let it not be the sea, but go to an embrace with this encyclopedia to the local oceanarium. You can take it on the beach too: she will tell you how and who we can meet there after low. By the way, the "big sea book" is not only an encyclopedia, but also the game! (Translation of Alexandra Sokolinskaya. Admarginem, 2018)

"50 steps to yourself. How to become happier "

Ove Andrews, Karen Blat. From 12 years old

Resources correctly replenish in the summer – so that in winter it was what to spend and already be able to recover. The writer Obra Andrews and the teacher of Meditation Karen Blat collected under one cover the most effective and simple practices of relaxation and concentration, observation, digital detox, visualization and many others. In the holidays, you can slowly master the poses of cobra and dogs, learn how to prepare energy snacks and anti-stress breakfasts, create a capsule wardrobe and revise the best comedies. Give it to your girls and try to practice yourself than before – the better: the summer is not forever. (Translation from English Yulia Snake. Myth, 2018)

"Girl who saw moonlight"

Kelly Barnchille. From 12 years old

This fantasy that the New York Times Book Review is compared by the atmosphere and artistic level with Peter Pan and the Wizard of Oz Oz, and readers with Miyazaki cartoons will capture not only adolescents, but also adults. In his center – the story of the witch with a kind heart and her 12-year-old pupil, the girls of the Moon, endowed with magical power. A book in which many secrets, amazing destinies, love and self-sacrifice, fascinates in his magic world and does not let go to the last page. She had no coincidence that became the bestseller New York Times and received a NEWBERY medal (2016) – a prestigious literary award, which is awarded for an outstanding contribution to American literature for children. (Translation from English. Irina Yushchenko, Career Press, 2018)

Lion, 8 years old, read a book for us

"Nikita is looking for the sea" Darya Vendenburg

"Most of all in this book I liked Nikita himself – although he doesn’t look like me. Never look like. Nikita arrived to her grandmother. On vacation. At first he was unhappy and wanted to go home, to parents – watch cartoons and play a computer. In the country he was unusual and uncomfortable. He even wanted to escape at night – but I realized that in the dark I would not find the road. Grandma taught him to wash the dishes, for example, and in general to become independent. He washed her once, and the next says: what, wash again?! He didn’t like it. But his grandmother had a good, generally a normal grandmother, real. As it should be in his role: she came up with the game about dragons so that he soap dishes like playing. And in the end, Nikita began to do a lot of things. Grandma told him about astronomy, showed stars from the roof of the house, about the sea told, even went to the journey to the searches of the sea – she knows a lot, and that it was really interesting to read. Because she talked to Nikita as an adult. And wash the dishes and on the bike I ride and so I can, I am independent. But the sea really wants – on black or red! Nikita found his own, it turned out to be fresh, but the magical ".

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