10 Best modern Indian films

10 best modern Indian films

From Soviet times, Indian films are of particular interest in the viewer. Appeared at the time on the screens of the TV film "Thirst for Vesti", "Zita and Gita", "Dancer Disco" became a real sensation. They hit their novelty, unusual and musicality. And in 2016, the heroes of Indian ribbons love no less than in the 90s.

Indian films are a distinctive direction, easily recognizable, it is simply impossible to confuse them with others.

Bollywood – India Cinema, which produces more than 1000 new filmmakers annually. 2016 did not exception and brought the viewers a lot of exciting and exciting paintings. If you believe the facts, about 6 million participates in the creation of films. of people.

What is famous for Indian cinema

What is unusual and having to have in the plots of this country? Why people sympathize indian films? Everything is simple – they affect important human feelings. It is always spiritual love stories, inimitable dance and musical productions, the eternal struggle of good with evil. They reveal the themes that were and will be relevant at all times. These are bright paintings, well-costumed, raising mood and charged positive.

Despite the fact that their plots are simple and uncomplicated, they make in themselves romanticism and soulfulness, show the possibility of changing the world around the world in good direction.

The best Indian films created by directors in 2016 will be collected into the collection, will present the viewer a magical bright world, in which there is always a place of justice, good wade up, and the guilty of merit.

Ten of the best tapes 2016

2016 was noted by creating a variety of Indian paintings in the top ratings of the most viewed tapes in the world. After all, Indian films love viewers of more than 90 countries of the globe. A selection of the best film of this year will make it possible to get acquainted with the culture and traditions of India, meet again with your favorite actors and just relax the soul.


They assigned an important place in cinema from the very foundation of Bollywood. Love and Indian Films Concepts inseparable. Often it is conjugate with the struggle, overcoming difficulties, eliminating obstacles. But never remains inseparable.

A film about a young man with a complex character. Buntar by nature, Roni, can not get along with people. Even parents informs that he gets rid of him, sending to study at the Academy, where they bring up such rebels. Will he change? What trials are waiting for a young man here? Whether the meeting will help and the love of one of the students becomes better?

Sukhani student, bathed in the lake, falls on the territory of the military base. Detained in suspicion of spying, it is forced to stay here for a while until the situation is completely clarified. It was this that it helped her to meet his love, which was Captain Baza Jakak Bashi.

But, alas, his candidacy as a bridegroom did not like the cruel father of the bride. And he is ready to solve young people.


Is it possible to imagine the world of cinema without this beloved all genre? Comedy allows you to relax, relax from worries, laugh in plenty. And laughter, as you know, prolongs life. Therefore, comedy Indian films are necessarily recommended for viewing.

CIA has prepared a specialization of the Indian director film. He is obliged to remove the picture, after watching which, everyone will be firmly convinced of the death of Osama Bin Laden.

But the enemy of the CIA The arms dealer offers a lot of money for the tape of the opposite outcome. That is, I urged that al-Qaida leader is alive to this day. How will the film director go into such a situation?

Two brothers, in childhood there were best friends, returned to the parent home to please the grandfather. 90-year-old old man wants to spend the rest of life with grandchildren. But for young guys it turns around the tragedy.

Spirit of rivalry, clashes, quarrels, and then love in one girl are able to break blood bonds forever. And only family education will help to understand how much the brothers are worth being sons of their father.

10 Best modern Indian films


Martial art necessarily accompanies the best Indian films. Probably there is no painting, where there would be no at least one, but a little brawl. And what special effects it is endowed? Create an Indian fighter, this is a whole art. Watch his pleasure, as he captures from the first minutes and keeps in tension until the tape is completed.

Champion of struggle, easily got victory, faces such an obstacle as love. The girl who came to him in the soul is not in a hurry to respond.

Sultan is not ready to lose, and will do everything to achieve the location of beauty.

Film of life – as important in man compassion, mercy, kindness. Handsome Rocky Guy – Fighters For Justice. His only friend – Little Naomi, the mother of which drug addict. When the girl threatened the trouble, Rocky threw everything and went to help her.


Acquaintance with the thrillers of 2016 will force the viewer to worry every second until the movie. It is so evrusive and exciting Indian films that they look at one breath.

A film about the stewardess, which helped survive hundreds of passengers of the aircraft flight and one opposed the group of criminals.

Penjab – World of Drugs and Youth Disappearing. Who will win people or the next dose?

Dramatic Life Story of a Simple Farmer. By the will of the case, he falls into the Pakistani prison, where he is taken for the famous terrorist. He faces a death sentence, the execution of which he will wait with fear of 23 years.

Horror film carrying viewers in London. Here, in happiness and lived, the Indian family, while one day did not receive a letter from the Motherland. In the husband, as if something terrible is starving, with which his spouse is forced to fight with all their forces.

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