10 Best serials about the love of foreign cinema for youth viewing

10 best serials about the love of foreign cinema for youth viewing

Foreign youth series is unusual, full experiences world. There is a place for bright emotions and genuine feelings, incredible stories and adventures, curious, funny events. They are romantic, exciting and fun.

Special popularity for the young viewer enjoy the directed by directors of the series about love. After all, precisely at this age appear first feelings, experiences, suffering. Telenells about the beautiful feeling are so close to teenagers and students that become masterpieces and do not lose their rating for many years.

Youth TV series affect the themes well familiar to the younger generation, help better understand each other and adults, understand themselves, always charge positive, give the right example.

We offer attention a list in which the most popular foreign youth series includes.

Picture of a young girl, friendship, love and music. Violetta has long been away from the native home, in which she once had to return. Thanks to the excellent musical abilities, she is credited to the music academy.

From that moment on, Violetta begins a new life, she finds friends, meets first love, establishes relations with relatives.
Romantic stories and a cheerful temper of a heroine will not leave indifferent. Cute and always joyful beauty will conquer the sympathy of each viewer.

Jessica, a young teacher of primary classes, betrays a loved one. Going to search for a new place to stay, she finds an apartment where three more will live with her.

The most interesting thing is that these three people &# 8212; Charming and fun guys. It is they who help Jessica become relaxed, knowing themselves another, know love, make her life exciting and diverse.

The series of the viewer is waiting for many ridiculous moments, allowing to reveal the relationships of the floors perfectly on the other hand.

Jenna is not popular at school. Do not pay attention to the guys, do not envy girls. Any attempts to stand out from the crowd, to no avail. But her clumsiness changes everything in one moment.

The incident in the bathroom leads to the gossip that Jenna tried to commit suicide. In order to dispel this myth, the girl creates a blog in which shares experiences, feelings and emotions.

His feature, bringing incredible popularity – optimism and positive attitude. Soon the attitude of those surrounding to it will change dramatically.

Two cute sisters of Bianke and Kat have to join the team when transferring to a new school. The task is not from the lungs &# 8212; new orders, their laws that have established leaders and sometimes non-standard rules.

But the girls are not of the simple and obey someone do not intend. They face the influence of desecity that considers themselves higher and better than all. The struggle will not have the lungs.

And when a handsome named by Patrick appears on the horizon, then the situation acquires even more twisted turnover. Fighting personalities, hatred, love, the incredible adventures of adolescents will open the curtain on what real feelings are.

In the center of the plot, the lives of high school students visiting the usual school in Beverly Hills. This story is a bright continuation of the beloved all the same name of the series 90s.

Simple human values ​​are reflected here, and the problems shown in it will never lose their relevance.

Fight for love, friendship, scenes of jealousy, truce, romantic dates and kisses, bright emotions and difficult relationships. Everything that students live and breathe, disclosed in front of the viewer as a palm.

Someone will see themselves in them, and for other plots will help to figure out their own problems. The film traces the idea that life is not simple, but beautiful, while there are beloved people nearby.

One of the best TV series of your genre. Cute and modest 15-year-old Amy has always been an example in school. They play the orchestra, perfectly learns and does not conflict with the elders.

But one beautiful day, thanks to school gossip, everyone will learn about her "interesting position". But only only 15. How to live on?

And the main thing is to support her parents, and how to inform them about this news?

Each of us has at least one secret that I don’t want to trust even the most close people. But those who visit the famous elite school in New York, have to unexpectedly reveal their secrets to other students.

All because in the walls of the educational institution there is always aware of everything knowing "Gossip". She leads a blog that becomes a book on the disclosure of the most intimate.

10 Best serials about the love of foreign cinema for youth viewing

It can be found every day all the hottest details from the life of each student, problems in the relationship between couples in love, family secrets.

One thing remains unknown: who is this hidden writer?

Once a happy husband and father of two beautiful children decided to convey to their children a fascinating story about how a meeting occurred and his feelings also originated.

Awareness that it is time to go to search for the second half came to him when his best friend Marshall made a proposal of his hand and hearts to his girlfriend Lily.

After their wedding, Ted understands what is also ready to make a family. It remains only to find the only and unique. It turned out that this is not a lung case. Especially if you consider that the assistant is caused to be a shorter bachelor, a faithful friend of Barney, who is little sense in this matter.

Having become acquainted with Robin Ted believes that she decided on the choice and found his destiny. But as it turned out, Robin was subsequently with children not at the mother, but aunt, and the fate of Ted had other plans.

Elite boarding school for children of influential parents. Naturally, these children spoiled by the luxurious life, hitting a closed school, where you need to live according to the rules, begin to rebel.

And the fact that they are teenagers, doubly contributes to the manifestation of the rebellious spirit. And only love for music helps them to rally and transfer excess energy into the right channel.

And the first real feelings, youthful love and friendship contribute to the fact that each of the capricious, unhappy and unsuitable for the child’s life turns into a self-sufficient adult person.

Without this novel, the list in which the best love youth series is presented, would not be full. Legend of the 90s ..

Life history and relationships of students of French University living in a hostel. Film about simple and important &# 8212; about friendship and love, loyalty, betrayal and lies, about undivided feelings.

It raises the most relevant problems close to all young men and girls of this age. One of the best foreign TV series, which exactly passed the life of "Golden Youth" in all of her bright colors.

There will be a lot of interesting things here &# 8212; Meetings and partings, parties, discos, creating a musical group. Together with Helen and her friends, the viewer from the series in the series will worry, rejoice, laugh, sing and reside student life.

10 Best serials about the love of foreign cinema for youth viewing

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