10 “Overheard” stories. And funny and awkward

10 "overheard" stories. And funny and awkward

Life is full of interesting and unusual situations. It seems to be an ordinary day. But it is worth your pet, a close person or a child "Expect" something ridiculous and all day is filled with new bright laughing paints and smiles. Read a new selection of funny "overheard" stories that are divided by people online.

About cats and cats

When Dad threw smoking, he began to gain weight and a few times the day I got up for scales. And for the company he weighed yet and our thick cat. Now, if you get the scales, the cat with a doomed view itself comes.

I have two children and cat nursery. Most recently, one of my fluffy girlfriends gave birth to seven cats. And every time she wants to go through his business, fit and meows – come, they say, look at children. I thought to eat goes or in the toilet, but accidentally found out that this tailed maman climbs into the bath and there is trite sleeping for 10 minutes. One. Now I send her to rest, for I understand her, like no other. Such is the female solidarity.

I work in pet store. Rertured to us a cat, and I, a kind soul, his fodder. However, there are five more cats at home, and the sixth feed becomes ordered while I did not rearrange a bowl of a bowl of the road to the trading room. Now buyers come, the cat is running about the legs and purr, people melt and almost always buy a "bag for your cat". This is the story of how the cat began to earn myself to me))

A little embarrassing

Today, when I went out of the shop of technology with a purchase, the guard asked to see the check – the usual thing. In the hands there was a package, and I removed the check myself. Summer Son, whom the guard did not notice, and at the request: "hold the package, my good" – the guard handed his hands. Big, solid uncle in shape also wants attention and a good word.

I am sitting recently in the hairdresser and the edge of the eye I notice some kind of madam with a look like on the garbage. It turned out, this is my reflection in the mirror on the side. For several days I think about what you need to make a face easier, maybe the truth will reach out.

From the balcony from above, the garbage in the form of pieces was constantly departed: every week two-three found. I live alone, went to understand. Opens the door of the woman, listening my claims, blushes and says: "So to whom Stasik notes wrote. Sorry, I’ll talk to him ". I go to myself, turning "garbage", and there really love notes. Judging by the handwriting, my admirer is eight years old.


Cheerful case

Walked congratulate grandmother happy birthday. The time of tea with a cake, Granny went to the kitchen to make tea, and here she is torn out of the door and shouts to us: "Girls, you will be a common tea or Armageddon?"For those who do not understand, Armageddon was Bergamot. &# 128578;

Romance of family life: husband calls, rejoicing, says that he prepared a surprise. And I am so happy, anticipating a surprise, I begin to go through the options: I bought flowers, no, I decided to drive into a movie or finally took the animal from the street, which always dreamed of. But his answer killed all the expectations: "I bought 3 kg of strawberries, you can eat a little and put a compote for the winter".

I had a car, and in this car was heated seats, but it did not work, because the button, which includes this function, was broken. Wearing all Avito, found this button. I went bought, immediately installed instead of broken, connected contacts from the old button to the new button and moved towards the house. On the way home, of course, I decided to check the heated, turned on the button: food, bake, good, right enough. I think, well, everything is fine. Turned off and everything seems to be. In general, when a week later I gave up under the seat, I found that the wires from this button are not connected to anywhere&# 8230; Here it is, self-sustaining.

When I was six, my family and I went to England. Pope has a business trip, Mom dreamed of seeing London, and I promised to show the queen. In the mall, I lost my mother out of sight. My English was bad, and I approached everyone and said: "I have a dog. I like apples. I want to see the queen ". While mom was looking for me on the shopping center, I was looking for a queen. The seller tried to remove to guard, I rested – the queen is needed. Queen became a cleaner who was given the crown. I didn’t even embarrass me.


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