10 “Rules of survival” for those who have to work with daffodils

10 "Rules of survival" for those who have to work with daffodils

Every time the heroine of Maryl Strip from the film "The Devil wears Prada" appears on the screen, the audience has a feeling of anxiety, voltage or even true horror. All these experiences are familiar to many of the real life. Narcissus knows how to climb the top of the pyramid of power, leaving only smoking ruins. If such a person seriously assimary to achieve the status of the head, usually it succeeds – at the cost of destroyed relationships with all others.

"If you have to work with a daffodil, the first rule is not to discuss his narcissism with other colleagues. It may seriously damage your career, even if Narcissus himself is proud of his behavior. From his point of view, only he can talk about his own shortcomings (which he and the disadvantages do not think), no one else is allowed to do this, "Cristina Hammond psychotherapist advises.

In such a situation, it is primarily important to know well and understand ourselves. Remember your strengths (personal and professional), thanks to which you may seem Narcissus a dangerous competitor. Do not forget about the weaknesses that he can take advantage.

10 "Survival Rules" for those who work with daffiders

1. Keep calm. Threats, intimidation, gaslight, distortion of truth, attempts to cause a feeling of guilt – Arsenal Narcissov is rich in similar techniques. By all means keep calm. Consider this exercise to train self-control. In a calm state much easier to give a thoughtful rebuff.

2. Ignore agression. Typical control tactics – an aggressive body language, which and without words clearly shows the intentions of the aggressor. For example, Narcissus leans forward, looks on you from top to bottom, physically blocks the path. Pretend to do not pay attention to it, otherwise you only convince it in the effectiveness of such techniques.


3. Take a pause before answering. Before responding to any requirements, stop and think about your words. Nothing terrible if someone considers you too slow or indecisive, it is much better than hasty actions.

4. Try not to raise your voice. Theodore Roosevelt argued that the best policy is to "speak gently, but keep a big double with him". This advice can be very useful when communicating with daffodil.

"Big Duby" is needed not to attack, but exclusively to protect. Any Narcissa has a weak place. The aggressor can be shamed, "pressing" to the desired point if his behavior will go beyond the limits of permissible.

5. Be prepared for "American Golkov". Narcissus attract others to themselves, then repel them. Their admiration is very quickly replaced by contempt (sometimes even in one sentence). Avoid these "American hills". Do not agree with the extreme estimates of Narcissa, keep neutrality.


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