10 Ways to refresh the feelings in a pair

10 ways to refresh the feelings in a pair

"I love you" … if you want to add "still", "seems", or "no matter what", it means, the relationship in your pair needs special care and close attention. How to return the feelings former brightness, explains the family psychologist Regina Bright.

Relationships – like everything else in our life – work on autopilot is not as good as we hope. At first glance, the couple may look quite prosperous, but it is worth looking around – and we will see two not too happy people who do not know how to approach this topic. Let’s recognize – our romantic relationships sometimes enter the dead end.

It means it’s time to regret the flame of the passion you and your partner deserve. But as? American sexologist, psychotherapist and Family Consultant Regina Bright (Regina Bright) offers 10 simple steps.

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1. Meet happy couple

Find other prosperous couples with which you can spend time – to organize a barbecue or picnic, go hiking or on the beach. Communication with other couples will bring you new impressions and adventures.

2. Let your partner feel special

Give him or her to know that your relationship is at the very top of your prioritization list. Come up with various ways to send a signal every day: "You are the most important person for me".

3. Listen to the intention to understand

Learn to communicate effectively. And this means – become a good listener. Most people listen with the intention to answer. You listen to the intention to understand.

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4. Play honestly

Not always everything goes well. Sometimes consent to the pair is violated. And at such a time it is especially important to follow your intonations, not to call partner, not to humiliate, do not blame. Before you say something, ask yourself: "It will improve our relationship or worsen them?"And if you happen to allow a miss, do not forget to ask for forgiveness.

5. Let the partner be yourself

Learn to take a partner and in what you like, and that you don’t like. Respect your differences. Let the partner be yourself. If we are trying to force our partner to be what we wanted to see him, it means that we love only our own reflection.

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6. Select time for yourself

Each of us from time to time you need to be alone. Highlight the day only for yourself and enjoy your own society. Go for a walk, Spend the day in the spa, drive the ball, play tennis – Relax to your taste.

10 Ways to refresh the feelings in a pair

7. Surprise partner

Write on a postcard as you like to spend time with him, give him a balloon in the middle of a difficult day, a bouquet of wildflowers or a box of exquisite chocolate, which can be eaten by watching romantic movies. And for someone a good gift will be, if you figure it out a garage or bring order in the kitchen.

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eight. Create proximity

Proximity means not only physical, but also emotional attachment. Select a time to tell the partner about your spiritual and physical needs. Discuss what you can do together for their satisfaction. Also distribute home work. Equally taken on homework equal to more intimacy.

nine. Try new

Make a cosmetic repairs in the room or go together to cook sushi cooking courses. Break the routine, invent anything new, which will make your life more exciting.

ten. Spend the day together

Highlight in your schedule the day you will spend only together – and so that no one bothers you.

10 Ways to refresh the feelings in a pair

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