16 Psychological techniques to like people

16 psychological techniques to like people

Why some people at first glance attract attention and seem interesting? Deal in their wide smile? Open view? Ability to stay in the public or appropriate to joke? Here are some psychological stunts that help to like others.

These techniques can be used to enjoy new acquaintances, improve your position in the team or strengthen existing relationships.

1. Copy behavior

A few years ago, scientists from the University of New York conducted a study proving that the so-called "chameleon effect" really works. 72 people performed a job in a pair with strangers, half of which at the request of the researchers copied the behavior of the subjects, and the other half – no. As a result, the participants in the experiment, whose behavior of "mirrors", reported that they liked the partners and they would like to continue communicating with them.

So, using in communicating in the new head of his "branded" gestures and facial expressions, as well as repeating his posture, you can quickly achieve its location. The main thing is not to overdo it.

2. Try more often to come across

According to the study of the Pittsburgh University, we are the most pretty people who we often see, even if they are not familiar to us. As part of the experiment, four girls, unknown to other students, visited classes at the university. Two came often, two – rarely. Then students showed their photos and asked to appreciate. Those who subjects regularly met in classes received higher scores.

3. Speak compliments

In the book "Project Happiness", lawyer Gretchen Rubin writes: "All you talk about other people affects how surrounding see you". This scientifically proven phenomenon is called spontaneous transfer of qualities. Others associate compliments that you say to others with your own character. This phenomenon works and on the contrary: if you constantly negatively speak of others, negative features begin to attribute to you.

4. Emit positive

According to Ohio University studies, people unconsciously catch the emotions of others. In other words, the mood of the interlocutor is always transmitted to us. Want to make a pleasant impression? Demonstrate a positive attitude.

5. Be friendly and competent

We like when professionals turn out to be pleasant and open in communication. The psychologist from Harvard Amy Kaddi claims that in business it is more correct to show friendliness and openness first, and then show competence in an important issue. Then people will first trust you, and then concern. According to Amy Cuddy, "it is laid in us since ancient times, when for survival it was most important to enlist the trust of relatives".

6. Do not seek to be perfect

Eliott Aranson from the University of Texas proved that our mistakes improve the opinion of others about us, and ideal people scare their inaccessibility. In the course of the experiment, students listened to the Quiz’s recording. The participant who correctly answered questions, and at the end randomly shed coffee, won a big sympathy than the one that he kept flawlessly and did not allow a single mistake.

7. Make focus on general views

According to the study of Theodore Newcomb, people consider more attractive those who look like them. This is called the effect of attraction in similarity. We are pleased when someone shares our political views or musical taste. You are most likely to make friends with a person with whom they are sick for one football club. However, it is noteworthy that, according to the University of Virginia University, we like more people who, as we, belong to something sharply negative.

16 Psychological techniques to like people

eight. Accidentally touch

With this psychological trick you need to be careful: the touch should be light, unobtrusive and barely noticeable. It has been proven that it affects the interlocutor at the subconscious level and makes him get to penetrate you with warmth. Scientists University of Mississippi found out that the waiters who in the process of service concerned the customers of the restaurant received more tips.

nine. Sincerely smile

Numerous studies confirmed: a smile acts disarmingly. On dating sites, people often view profiles with photos of smiling users. In addition, a smile with the first meeting helps a person better remember you.

ten. Perceive a person as he wants

Everyone is nice when their opinion about themselves coincides with the vision of others. Specialists of Stanford University held a number of experiments on this topic. Participants with adequate and understated self-esteem communicated with strangers. The subject of the conversation was the identity of the subjects.

As a result, people with positive self-perception made a desire to be friends with those who praised them. And participants with low self-esteem chose critics. Scientists associate this with what we always want to receive predictable feedback.

eleven. Share a secret

Self-discharge strategy – the most simple and effective technique for building relationships. Of course, you do not need to immediately break the soul before the stranger. First discuss the news, the last kinonovinki, then tell us something about yourself, and then we will tell something personal. So the feeling of intimacy will arise, and the interlocutor will be easier to trust you in the future.

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