5 Hidden signs of dislike

5 hidden signs of dislike

When it comes to love for yourself, we are dealing with emotions, and external manifestations are secondary. Therefore, the advice does not work "Treat yourself to shopping or massage". You need to start completely from the other: with a relationship with yourself, which manifests itself in the trifles and the person himself is not always visible.

In this article, we will just talk about hidden signs of dislike for yourself and learn to determine when you need to increase self-esteem.

1 sign – you buy a lot of cheap things

People who love themselves truly do not save. They know the rule well "miser pays twice" and do not fond of bait like a cheap price because they know that quality is expensive. It is not sorry to spend on yourself, but at the same time they are not wasteful and not subject to shopogolism. Invest in a comfortable life and your good mood – Mandatory article of their expenses.

It does not depend on the level of wealth: as a rule, lovers save in the end overpay or buy a lot of cheap things. Here we are talking about internal ban on to have high-quality and expensive things, and not in the absence of money. If you make a choice in favor of some purchase only because of its cost – think about how much you appreciate yourself.

2 signs – eat when not hungry

It does not matter what situations it happens: do you dinner with friends for the company, you donate for the child or try to raise the mood with the help of cakes. Cause One: Ignoring your real needs. Loving person is attentive to his body and mind, so it eats only when hungry.

Of course, we are all living people and should not stupid themselves for every eaten piece of cake, especially if I really wanted. But if you are systematically eaten, when not hungry and always strive to leave a plate clean, it means that food is more important for you. Observe how it is manifested in other areas of life.

3 sign – take a place in the last row

It can be both figuratively and literally. You noticed that some people are not shy to be the first, and others in every way avoid attention? It rarely is a conscious choice: most often such people consider themselves unworthy of a higher position.

Come to listen to a lecture, such a person will sit down, although it can take a place in the forefront to see and hear. And if during the lecture he will not agree with something, then he is ashamed to enter into the discussion: because for him someone else’s opinion is always more correct. Of course, you should not fall in extremes and take the first everywhere. But still think about when you want to take a place in the last row.

4 sign – you can not deny the pleasures

5 Hidden signs of dislike

The most common advice to people with low self-esteem – more often indulge. According to such logic, self-esteem increases, if you hip on your little weaknesses. It turns out that the loving person is rather similar to the child who stayed alone in the sweets store.

An alternative to such love is a real concern for yourself. When you feel about your body and mind as a jewelness, your well-being is becoming more likely to rapid pleasures. You begin to consciously choose than fill your life. True love gives freedom and independence from harmful weaknesses.

5 sign – stick to too strict rules

This feature may seem complete contradiction to the previous. However, in fact, he is its continuation. It is important to find the Golden Middle here. When you refuse the pleasures, you do it because care about yourself or because so supposedly right?

If the second is true, then the rules you like more than yourself. We have already considered this principle with food. Therefore, many head fans have psychological problems: they lead a painful desire to be good. True love takes into account all your needs and allows you to combine them benefit.

Such signs can be found quite a lot, so we highlight their general principle: when something or someone goes to the fore and becomes more important than your needs, you definitely love yourself not enough.

Sometimes it takes honesty, courage and discipline to truly love yourself, but the results will surpass all your expectations. Other people will definitely notice changes in you and start appreciation much more. Subconsciously you will start attracting everything to your life, what you really dream about. After all, a person who loves himself is enough to allow himself to be desired to appear in reality.

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