5 Typical errors when waking

5 typical errors when waking

As we start, we will look, work and feel. What mistakes almost all of us do every morning, without noticing?

1. We "postpone" alarm signal

Numerous studies confirm that the working day and study really begin too early. Because of this, millions of children and adults all over the world are inappropriate.

It seems to us that "five more minutes" can correct the situation. Alas, it’s not. For these additional minutes, no matter how pleasant they are, our body does not rest.

Moreover: putting the alarm "on early" with the calculation that we can rearrange it several times, we break the natural phases of fast sleep. And this may pour out both in mental problems (for example, provoking the depressive state or difficulty in the cognitive sphere), and in physical (from this, the metabolism slows down).

2. We allow a smartphone to manage us

"Not having to get out of bed, you pull to the phone every morning to check mail and messages, scroll through the social network ribbon? So you allow what is outside the zone of your control, manage your thoughts. You allow other people and events to "decide" what will happen in your head during the day. And quickly fall into dependence on news, likes and messages, "explains the general practitioner of Naomi Parrell.

Instead of being taken for a smartphone and dive into virtual reality, make some deep breaths, stretch, say hello to the partner or children and drink water.

3. We start the day with sugar

"Sugar-saturated breakfast starts a hormonal shift in the body and includes the cycle" Hunger – a bad mood – a new serving of sugar, "Parrell warns. Most of the day dose of sugar we absorb breakfast: Sweet coffee, cornflakes with sweeteners, sweet yogurt, smoothie, jam to pancakes and other.

The expert advises to reduce the consumption of sweet in the morning to a minimum. And if it does not work – at least actively move after: go, do yoga. Eat for a breakfast chocolate bar, sitting behind the wheel of a car, – the worst option.

5 Typical errors when waking

4. We do not wash as follows and neglect by sunscreen

Perhaps it will surprise you, but, according to the dermatologist, Stacy Chiménto, many of us are normal only in the evening, but not in the morning. And this, according to the expert, is necessary, with warm water. Our pillows are a real "warehouse" of dead cells, dust and microbes. After washing, the expert advises to abundantly apply on the skin of the face and neck tool with SPF.

True, not everyone agrees with such a point of view: some experts believe that it is not necessary to wash in the morning, and the additional use of soap and cleansing means only dries skin.

5. We do not pay attention to your mental state

In the morning, many of us have to fall out: we woke up already tired and now we are trying to catch everything – get dressed, collect children, cook breakfast, take a walk with a dog. But it is important to remember: as we start a day, it is most likely to spend it – at least the first few hours.

So it is worth highlighting at least a few minutes to regain a calm condition. You can walk all over the apartment and push the curtains, pull out, member, write something in a diary or hug with loved ones. Surprisingly, such simple actions can give the right charge for the whole day.

5 Typical errors when waking

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