6 Disadvantages that respect and love attract

6 Disadvantages that respect and love attract

We are often criticized for flaws, and we strive to get rid of them, because we want to receive even more attention, love, respect. But it turns out that individuality is lost with the eradication of the shortcomings. And now we are already hearing from those who first criticized us: "Previously, you were much more interesting (charismatic, more attractive)". Righteous anger is drunk us: "Didn’t you point me for the cons and convinced of them to get rid of them?" Why it happens?

The answer to this question is simple: our drawbacks generate advantages. They give us an attractive imperfection and change life for the better.

1. Egoism or ability to desire

Live for yourself – it means to be an example of how not to waste life is wasted. Egoists do not have a deficit of attention, despite the accusations that it is difficult to communicate with them and build relationships. A selfish person attracts what he knows what he wants. He does not doubt desires and seeks to implement them.

Many have a sense of guilt for their desires. Since childhood, they are accustomed to the fact that they are saying about their desires: "It’s not the main thing now," "There is a lot of things", "there is such a word -" it is necessary "… as a result, it is easier for them to achieve something for others than for themselves. And they are happy to communicate with the egoists: they learned to desire, and the Egoist knows how to do it.

Imagine a man who knows exactly what he wants. Interested in a woman, he will express her "want" without delay. Women attracts more than trying to make a favorable impression. Healthy egoism paints life with bright colors of the desired.

2. Highly or ability to highly appreciate yourself

Be arrogant to measure yourself. Highly characteristic of people having a high position. So they outline the boundaries and elect a circle of communication. Therefore, when we meet those who behave arrogantly, the perception scheme works like this: if a person clearly demonstrates superiority, most likely, he has grounds.

The arrogance is supported by internal condition. If you actually appreciate yourself and are convinced of uniqueness, this is a sign for others to think the same.

3. Indifference to someone else’s opinion or self-confidence

Self-confidence is a consequence, and the root cause is that you do not care about others about you. Most miss the chances of winning and success for a simple reason: we are not indifferent to what others talk about us.

Suppose two employees have developed projects: controversial, ambiguous, brilliant. At the same time, one began to ask the opinion of authoritative colleagues. He was criticized: they said that there is little chances, the project is too controversial and it is unlikely that something happens. His hands sank, and he did not present his brainchild.

His colleague did not ask someone else’s opinion. He presented a project with success. A lot of supporters and opponents gathered around the project, but no one left indifferent. Which of them is sympathetic? The one who listened to someone else’s opinion and was disappointed in her idea, or the one who remained faithful to himself and achieved recognition?

6 Disadvantages that respect and love attract

4. Ambitiousness or ability to recognize what you deserve the best

It is difficult to imagine a head without ambition. The desire to occupy a leading position – a sign of ambitiousness. People are divided into those who hide ambitions and those who demonstrate them.

One woman dreamed of raising. She performed well, but she tried not to show an interest when the head began talking about the welcome position. She was afraid to seem immodest and be in a silly position, if everyone knows about her ambitions, and the position will get to someone else. But the head interpreted its behavior in his own way. He considered that she was satisfied with the current position and she does not seek to increase, and made a choice in favor of a less qualified, but more active candidate.

Others do not tend to guess our secret desires, they tend to believe the facts and what they say out loud. Undisguised ambitions – assistants in motion to success.

5. Summary or ability to love yourself as you are

Imagine a girl who likes himself, admires himself, cares for the body. After trying on the dress, never say: "I’m fat" or "I have a bad figure," but rather noted that the dress is bad on her, because it is wrong or an unsuccessful style.

And now imagine another girl, objectively more attractive than the first, which constantly finds the shortcomings and quit. For male gaze the first picture more pleasant. When a girl satisfied with himself, she does not leave the chance to think about her imperfection.

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