For the pleasure will have to pay. “

"For a pleasure will have to pay."

Entertainment must be earned, you have to pay for pleasure, and to do your beloved thing – it means to waste time wasted, idle, putting out the pressing care. What we lose, forbidding themselves?

"Pleasure is a very dubious thing, and it always has to pay for it.". It seems that one of the fundamental plants in our culture. We will add to this modern obsession with the feasibility and achievement of all in a row success – and the explosive cocktail will be.

Working day and night a woman understands that terribly tired. Begins to read your favorite book and … can’t relax. Her mind is gnawing about the affairs, which urgently need to unrest – instead of spending time wasted.

He and she met, felt the attraction to each other. They do not have "second halves". And they are "by chance" – we have sex. In the next morning he wakes up with severe thoughts about what to do with this woman now, and she – with thought: "Isn’t too fast?"… Another option is possible – even before sex he thinks:" Well, rear … and what’s next?"As if this pleasure acquires value, only when it is" paid ": conscience remorse, communication in which no one is interested.

Under the ban for many and pleasure from food. "Sweet? I, please, this tiny piece. I can not … "With such an attitude, and from a small piece of joy will not be, except that he did not eat too much. But it is torn off from the reality of what is happening here and now.

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Wacky comedy or tearful melodrama? They are not supposed to have fun, we have developed as a people can not be happy in such a primitive things. To admit that touched on the "snotty-sweet" scene or laugh at a silly joke, something does not allow. And rather than surrender to the pleasure of uncomplicated, someone starts to save the image of "Human Development".

For the pleasure will have to pay.

In pleasure there are two main enemies: the haste and driven into the psyche of the installation related to the ban on the joy of life. If we have a snack in a hurry – the taste is not disclosed in the present. Sex "in a hurry" – rather, discharge voltage than the genuine enjoyment. "Swallowing" of the book, do not have time to experience the style of the author or the experiences of the characters. We have just the movie has not yet learned to look "in a hurry", but it seems that for this will not … Children well feel this rush, and therefore offer "quick Got Game" gives them an outcry – it is impossible, it kills all the fun of the process and satisfaction of the outcome!

When you reach success – it is important to set aside time to enjoy them. It’s not a waste of time – it is an important milestone in life, a reminder of who you are, what you like, where are you going. Otherwise get the following picture: climbers climbed the hard-top and then went down – they have no time to jump, to scream, to rush.

Here we meet the second "enemy" – the installation. For someone violently express joy – undignified, it seems childish and stupid. We have to hold back – thus killing pleasure. And someone just thinks about the "board" of the consequences – even before they came, and without thinking about whether they will come at all.

Fun – this is evidence that we live in, we want something and do it. Life without fun – not too high a price for the time gained or their own ideas about how one should and should?

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