Formula of good tango

Formula of good tango

Tango teacher told us what is most important in this dance and how can it change our life and attitude towards himself.

Is it important to technique in tango? Yes. If you want to enjoy any activity, the development of the respective skills and self-improvement will bring you joy. Technique will give you comfort of movements, make them more free. Your dance will become richer, more complicated, will help you climb the step higher in the partner hierarchy and partners. You can fully and deeper to enjoy the dance. However, the formula "good technique = good tango" does not work. More precisely, not to the end.

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Veronica Tunanova, dancer and teacher Tango, founder and teacher of the Tango Mont Amur school in Paris.

I often hear approximately such reviews of partners about partners (and vice versa, so you can simply be replaced by "she" in the quotation): "I like to dance with her. She, maybe even a very average dancer, but she … "And then it follows the quality that does not always have to do with the technique: hug, contact, musicality, energy, passion. Quality whose aggregate will correctly call "Human Factor". And in my opinion, the correct dance formula sounds like: "Technique + human factor = good tango".

What I understand under the human factor? First of all – the attitude towards oneself. What or what you see yourself feel and present the world. How much do you like or do not like how much you love yourself or despise. How do you feel about your dance to your technique, to how you look, your femininity or masculinity, posture, skills – and so on. Human factor is your ability to love yourself and the light that this love illuminates you from the inside.

In dancing there is always visible, what a person is actually. And to show yourself without hiding without bravery. As one teacher Flamenko wrote, "you will not be able to learn to move beautifully, if in the depths of the soul are convinced of our urgentness". No teacher will teach you to dance tango if you do not like your body. And even if you do in a row fifty right art, it is unlikely to help you. And if you learn to admire your body – will help.

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Formula of good tango

The second important component is the relationship to others. But it directly depends on your attitude towards myself. Love generates love. Specifically in Tango it means: can you hug another person and be with him until the end of the dance? Are you able to feel his body and feel his musicality? Is it easy to forgive other discrepancy to your expectations? Do you use a partner or partner exclusively for your own pleasure? After all, the difference between "dance" and "dance together" is the same thing that between "to have sex" and "make love".

There are in the "Human Factor" and another very important point: Your connection with the dance as such. This connection is born thanks to music. The essence of dance is not committing certain movements. The essence of dance in the expression of musical images to all your being. As Eric Franklin writes, a dancer and a classical and modern dance teacher, "The most important technique in dance is love for him". There are people able to express music by movement, and further education techniques helps them this ability to develop. But many this ability is missing or developed very weakly, therefore the most difficult task of the tango teacher is not to teach you the right movement, but to teach you to dance.

Is there fun in tango without technology? Yes, how many please! If you are an advanced dancer or dancer, it already means that you have a lot of pleasure, otherwise, they would just not stay in Tango. Do I have to study technician? Let’s say this: no one has not suffered from its excess, but people suffering from her lack, I meet daily. But truly a good teacher helps not only master the technique, he teaches the fact that the one is the human factor.

One of my very long-time friend somehow told me: "You know, I remember well our acquaintance many years ago. You sat, pretty such a new girl, and watched the steep dancers. And I was one of them, I was cool, I danced for so long ago – two years, whether a joke! – What began to forget that, actually, in the tango of such good … I invited you. You were a very old one, not only I did not know how to do very, but even the concept did not have what it was. But, dancing with you, I suddenly realized that I was always looking for a tango for myself. You had so much dance, such a fullness of them, such a unconditional return. I remember that night I went to the dance floor and thought: I want to continue, so it was all I had – always ".

Formula of good tango

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