From which psychologist you need to run away how to choose your specialist

From which psychologist should run? How to choose your specialist

Unfortunately, only a few people can boast an absolute psychological well-being. Those who have nothing to praise in this sense, from time to time comes to the head of good, in general, the idea to turn to a psychologist. The first request in the search engine will easily find thousands of specialists who advertise themselves to all Lada.

Numerous regalia, education, directions of therapy will be listed in their self-describing. For a person who is inactive in psychology, all these gestalts, CBT, emotional methods, psychodrama and arrangements are approximately the same. So how to understand all this magnificent manifold, choose your specialist and minimize the chances of running on an unbearable charlatan?

Left crusts

To start, consider – psychological practice in our country is not licensed, does not require advanced training and regular passage of supervision. Theoretically is assumed that this is enough to be a fair higher education. In practice, it may well turn out to be retraining – that is, one and a half years of internally, paid training in the institution, where the number of diplomas obtained always equally paid the course. Regardless of how much adequately retrained at all. One and half year. On the seamstress, the motorist is sometimes taught longer, and to make a mistake in the doctor’s healing – this is not a seam curve on a dress to see.

I personally met people who positioned themselves as psychologists and did not have a profile education in general. Nic. At all. That is, according to the diploma, he has an engineer at Mom, and in practice – his office with the inscription "Psychologist" and specializes Comrade at work with children. And this is not a unique case.

Check diplomas. However, the presence of a crust with the record "Psychologist" is by no means a guarantee that the specialist can be trusted.

Everyone in his field

What specialist to choose depends on the nature of your problem. Psychologist who is the "psychologist", without consoles, works with a psychological norm. All that is not psychiatry is to him. Problems in relations with other, yourself and other self-esteem – at the address. A clinical psychologist has the right to work in "Malaya Psychiatry" – here we carefully lie all the neurotic violations in the work of the psyche.

If you have depression, panic attacks, hypochondria, obsessive-compulsive disorder. NS., psychologist without the prefix "clinical" with you should not work.

Although, unfortunately, not all of them think so. And this is a truly dangerous area in which people can be crippled and, not be afraid of this word, kill. Because the clinical psychologist should be able to figure out when this case goes beyond its competence and a person it’s time to send to a psychiatrist for medication support. In my personal opinion, the most reasonable form of work with a small psychiatry – a bunch of "psychiatrist psychologist". Better, as they say, get out.

With "big psychiatry" a psychologist does not work. Generally. Alone is criminal. Therefore, if you have a voice in my head, neighbors are irradiated with radiation – to you to a psychiatrist. If you work with a psychologist, then only in parallel with the doctor’s medication and the doctor’s observation. No "psychological schizometer", you do not need to create additional soil for psychosis. And if a psychologist, then let him be clinical.

The next thing to pay attention to, is a list of those with which the psychologist works.

If you see that it works with depression and this is not a clinical psychologist – run.

If you see that a person works simultaneously with adults, children, adolescents, married couples, grief, the crisis of identity, adoptive families, oncology, female energy and psychosomatics is a serious reason to alert. Especially if the list of his diplomas and advanced training of half of this does not mean. A person who knows how much everything is most likely or knows how much of it, or knows how bad. And you have a psyche one, and it must be preserved from inept interventions.

Three-eyed dove

Now back to the psychological schizmoterics and let’s talk about it a little more. Varieties of all sorts of psychotherapy numbered about five thousand. Aware Scale. I, for example, the honorable place on the bookshelf occupies a brochure on psychodolubetherapy. I’m not kidding, you can google. As well as all sorts of therapies by original cry, geogram, race injury, crouched by the uterus and other obscurantism. Psychologistics-terrologists, owners of the third eye, psychological leaders and hands-out – no number.

Of the good news – you will not believe, but it works. Placebo effect nobody canceled. If you are impocho believe that the progress of the plug by manure into a moonless night with the subsequent instillation of her under the threshold of your worst enemy will cure you from panic attacks, it may well work. True, the effect turns out to be short, and the problem is not solved. That is You can go on self-sufficiency, but not far and not long.

From which psychologist you need to run away how to choose your specialist

With an assessment of the effectiveness of psychological intervention in fact, everything is very difficult. Not always the effect of psychotherapy at all can be measured. Suppose you came to a psychologist who confesses the great power of visualization and positive thinking. You complain to him that I sleep badly and instead of rushing in the arms of Morpheus, Think Miscellaneous. Next, you get the instructions for visualization happily sleeping you, exercise for the release of negative thoughts and the permafrost to form a positive attitude.

Next starts interesting. Suppose, after a couple of months of visualization, you began to sleep normally. Hooray? Hooray. But the question remains: you began to sleep normally, because it was highly visualized, or for a couple of months there were still a dozen factors that are not related to psychotherapy? Maybe you have ended the season of reports at work? Or you changed the curtains and the lantern outside the window no longer prevents the legitimate generation of serotonin? Or during this time you brought the dog and began to walk more? Or the placebo effect worked on you … And if in two months you never began to sleep normally, it can always be explained by the fact that you just have a bad visualized and misunderstood. Convenient for a psychologist, though?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to place a person in a vacuum and watch there, how psychotherapy works on it without the influence of environmental factors.

Therefore, for such measurements, large samples of people use, long-term observations, control groups. And for comparison – then the placebo. It is long and expensive, so there are few such research. It is reliably known, for example, that the effect of cognitive behavioral therapy and long psychoanalysis exists, it is prolonged and persisted several years after the end of therapy. It is significant and statistically reliable. There is no such data for psychosolubetherapy. It means that psycho-cuberaterapia does not work on any? Well, probably not, not yet proven the opposite. But you exactly want to take a chance, given that there are methods of psychotherapy in the world, recognized by evidence-based science?

So, according to the degree of evidence of psychodolubetherapy and training of women’s strength, for example, no difference. You can risk and put experiment.

Find your person

Another way to select a specialist, and it is not bad – these are recommendations. Better than your acquaintances, and not by reviews on the Internet. Because no one has canceled marketing, and no guarantee that psychologist these enthusiastic reviews has not written on itself, no. However, here is the critical thinking to turn off on. Your acquaintances are also living people and may well be mistaken. Ask them more about the process itself. And if you suddenly hear about chakras, energy, evil eye and visualization, think again.

And now – now many psychologists lead blogs, write articles in journals and generally live in the Internet community. Read them and weigh how much the person writes, you are pretty. And if something is alarming, look better yet.

Good psychologists exist and there are much more often unicorn. But while psychology in Russia is the sphere in which it is worth exercising enhanced vigilance. Show it, please. take care of yourself.

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