Look into the face of fear

Look into the face of fear

Recognize in their feelings, ask for an increase, speak publicly – fear of a new sign. At the same time, many people are so looked at the potential failure that they risk mischieving that good that hides in the new experience. If the future scares you, take advantage of psychologists – they will help to overcome fear.

Julia Kolotarkina, Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist

1. Imagine the worst scenario

Often we exaggerate the possible consequences of one or another solution. Ask yourself: what’s worse can happen to me? Think what specific actions you can take with different variants of events. "The worst scenario" will cease to be such, because you will have a ready-made plan for such a case. Evaluating the likely consequences of one or another step, you will reduce the risk and can overcome the fear, deciding what long ago I thought.

2. Take uncertainty as a given

We live in a constantly changing world where there can be no guarantees. Anxiety for the future prevents us from seeing the opportunities that life opens in front of us every day. Of course, the plans are much safer than to act, but with a modern unstable economic and political situation, the risk of crashing these plans is. So if you do not have them, you at least do not risk what one day they collapse.

3. Start with small

Most solutions that we accept – everyday life, not vital, but even they can cause severe alarm. Is it worth meeting this person? Is it worth requesting a salary? If you dare in small steps, you are doing investing in our future: new meetings, interesting experience – all this can bring you considerable dividends over time.Inaction often harms even more incorrect decision. Visory example: When we stop investing in relations with relatives, friends, we will cancel the meeting at the meeting, we do not pay attention, they are unnoticed from us, we stop understanding each other. Again find the path to each other much more difficult than overcome the fear of the new.

4. Look in the face of reality

The collision is often unpleasant, but it returns us to reality and helps to live in accordance with your own desires. The fear of the new one can paralyze, but if you get courage and explore it, you can learn a lot of useful and part with illusions about your own life, relationships and opportunities.

5. Follow your heart

No one knows what the future prepares him and where life turns, so it is very important that caution does not interfere with us to make decisions that can enrich our lives. If we live, if necessary and ignore our desires, then risk by the end of life to experience the feeling of devastation and sadness. "SARPE DIEM -" Enjoy the moment, "said Horace 2000 years ago. After all, tomorrow it will not be.

6. Be honest with you

Is your dream really worth going to risk? If the answer is positive – do you understand that you pushes on this risk? Sometimes besides obvious motives in our solutions there are hidden, deep reasons: choosing a new one, we not only strive for ahead to a new goal, but also run away from our own fears, errors, feelings. The better you understand your hidden motifs (I run "k" or "from"?), the easier it will overcome the fear and not commit familiar errors on the new field.

7. Stop defending

Look into the face of fear

Before you start something new, sometimes you need to let go of the past. You refuse a stable monthly salary in favor of freelancing or leave the unfortunate union, leaving part of your own history in it. It is often necessary to sacrifice the usual way of life – a sense of stability and security will not soon appear when changing the situation. Fear of new often signals about it – you feel that we lose the usual support. Try searching new supports – they will support you on the new way, you can contact them in minutes of crises, take a breather and overestimate everything you have.

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eight. Look for new friends

Dissatisfaction of the environment – friends and loved ones – your new decision should not stop. If the misunderstanding is not able to overcome and your loved ones refuse to respect your, even if the wrong, decision and do not provide support, perhaps you have not so much in common with them. Look for friends among those who have similar experience and who are able to help you overcome fear, and not the abyss in it.

nine. Focus on what you know

To decide on something new, you need to go beyond the comfort zone. On this new uncharted territory you will have no answers to many issues. Instead of thinking about what you do not know, make yourself a point of support. For example, if we are talking about moving to another city or country, think about the interesting work that you called, and slowly plan the following steps. Do not allow an alert to flood you, decide the questions that arise gradually. Plan on what steps you will take during each next week: sign up into the gym, explore the area in which you live, will take care of social contacts and so on.

ten. Think

New inevitably assumes obstacles and, therefore, errors. Do not concentrate on what you did not succeed, regard new experience as an opportunity to learn and develop new skills to achieve various purposes. Learn to your mistakes, going on the way to further self-development. This is the best contribution you can make in your future.

Look into the face of fear

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