Maria Montessori, good genius of children

Maria Montessori, good genius of children

Sometimes it happens that the montessoric pedagogy did not come up with me. All my life experience and all my child observations suggested that adults are seriously misunderstanding in relations with them. And the point is not how the education system is arranged, the case is in principle about childhood and our desire to rule over it.

I wanted to build a school for free children, but for a very long time did not come her image. He originated in Holland. Friends led me to school, on the doors of which it was written by MonSestori-School. I did not know who was such Montessori, but with admiration found that the children here learn independently, without apparent assistance to adults. And teachers consultants are suitable for one, then to another only at their request. Children of different ages are engaged together and can enter any cool room. A year later, I began to make such a school in Russia. I needed 10 years. In it, as I dreamed, I settled the spirit of inspired cooperation of small and adults. It was the school of children who came up with her Maria Montessori, and not a school for children, as we are arranged. The Great Italian about a hundred years ago suggested the pedagogical world a unique method of learning and self-development of children: both weak, and capable and most ordinary. Aversion time in the century, she became the most famous teacher in the world.

Today in Russia there are already about 2000 pre-school groups working in the spirit of montessori-pedagogy. But the first school classes opens, and our children will be able to study in Montessori-lyceums or gymnasiums, because, I am sure, for this pedagogy from the past – our future.

Her dates

  • August 31, 1870: Born in the vicinity of Ancona (Italy).
  • 1896: gets a doctorate of medicine.
  • 1898: Participates in the International Congress for Women’s Rights in Berlin.
  • 1904: Heads the Department of Pedagogical Anthropology in the University of Rome.
  • 1907: opens the first home of the child for children workers in Rome.
  • Maria Montessori, good genius of children
  • 1909: Publishes the work "Baby House. The method of scientific pedagogy "translated into 8 languages ​​of the world (in Russia for the first time published in 1913).
  • 1914: In Europe and the United States, schools operating according to the Montessori method.
  • 1934-1939: In Germany, the fascists burn her books, along with her son, she leaves to England, then to India. Working with Gandhi, Nehru and Tagore, participates in the training of Indian teachers.
  • 1946: Return to Europe to help in the restoration of schools closed during the war.
  • 1951: put forward to the Nobel Prize of the World.
  • May 5, 1952: Died in Nestwick (Holland).

Five keys to understanding

Child is just a child

He is not an adult in miniature. Adult always obeys external circumstances and expects immediate results. And the child is tirelessly and continuously worries over its own development, obeying the laws of growth and does not feel anything else or the future. Rhythm of his work leisurely. He knows the world through numerous repetitions of different actions: Little children can take tens of times and wear socks, from day to day to carry the same cars, I remember the same question for the same question.

He never celebrates

The child’s mind works as a beating heart – involuntarily, without coercion and fatigue. How to make sure? Remember the huge work that the child does in the first three years of life. It is imperceptible for himself, he is trying to create and distinguish between the two universes: "I" and "Non-I", the real and imaginary, the cause and consequence, the past and the future. Everything around attracts it and helps grow. Children are able to concentrate their attention so that they do not hear and do not see anything around. They prefer to work truly. Their main job – game. Children become obedient if they have something to do and make them fascinating them. The role of adults can only be reduced to show how to handle the developing toys and objects, how to do this or that action.

He seeks to knowledge

The mind of the child is not functioning in itself, but in close connection with the nervous and motor system. The child absorbs the information as a sponge: looking, listening, turns in his hands and tastes everything, what can reach. With the help of tactile, visual and taste sensations, he designed his mind. The child is in constant development, surviving the growth phases and transition states. For example, a period of "readiness for the development of speech", when it unconsciously listens to everything hears; "Ready to order" when he feels the need for stability; or period of sense development.

Wednesday of free development

The successes of small students directly depend on how precisely adults are preparing a children’s educational environment. We can say that a hundred years ago m. Montessori opened a phenomenon that modern psychologists call the background knowledge. At school and in kindergarten Montessori equipped classes so that children could absolutely freely and independently act. Furniture and objects designed to grow a child give him freedom of movements and stimulate the development of all his feelings. Maria Montessori has developed a whole complex of developing materials that help the child seize the whole range of knowledge about the world. These materials require minimal adult intervention in the learning process.

Help make yourself

Authoritarian education, as well as excessive guardianship, interfere with the development of the child. The desire to be independent is one of his most powerful feelings, Montessori considered. Therefore, the main care of adults … observe the free development of children, create an atmosphere needed to grow and implement creative energy. Children need our help and leadership, but it is necessary to turn on in solving their problems only when the child asks: "Help me to do it yourself".

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