Prepare and quit smoking

Prepare and quit smoking

To say goodbye to a cigarette, our journalist got acquainted with the anti-bacter wellness program, learned the advice of specialists … and led the line under many years of experience of the smokers.

I never believed that one beautiful morning you can wake up – and forget about it forever. After all, by the shoulders of each smokers have the experience of a very personal relationship with a cigarette. Initially, they are full of novelty, romance and illusions: we frankly like smoking. Then the moment occurs when the inconvenience appears: the smell falls, the skin fuses, we begin to irritate bronchitis, the smell that are impregnated with clothes, omnipresent "non-smoking areas" and the price of cigarettes. And although the thought "somehow still throw" appears, but by inertia we continue. "The decisive moment comes when fatigue from this habit is already exceeding the pleasure that is almost no, – explains Dr. Vicente Mera (Vicente Mera), specialist in the field of antiqua and anti-aging medicine SHA Wellness Clinic. – Only now the smoker will be ready to get rid of dependence. Before that, "insight" may pass months or decades, but the tracks of the path are always like that. ".

Determine barriers

The first thing to be done to prepare for the decisive step is calmly and honestly analyze your relationship with a cigarette, remember why we started smoking. "Tobacco creates an illusory feeling of completeness of existence," says Dr. Mera. – For a moment it seems that we have everything we need – a smoker is looking for such an effect in each cigarette ". Go from the feeling of emptiness to an active wishes to fill it, find other, healthy sources of pleasure that will help restore the internal balance – this is the work that the future non-smoking should do. To block the cigarette little – you need to see what is hidden (and from which we are hidden) behind the smoke curtain.

Everyone has their own story, but some fears – common to all. First of all it is a fear of fat. Cigarettes reduce the feeling of hunger and give some consumption of energy, and therefore, when they refuse them, an increase in several kilograms (on average from three to five) occurs (on average from three to five). "But these are only the statistics that can be corrected by revising its nutrition and attitude to physical activity," Reminds the doctor.

We are also bothering us that we are going to part with the habit that has become part of ourselves, our lifestyle. "Some literally do not know what to do with your body, feel defenseless: a cigarette is like Shirma sews from others. Therefore, it is necessary to change its gestures: a new subject (for example, a bottle with a special aromatherapy composition) can give you confidence. It is also important to get used to in a new way – deeper and free – breathe ".

For tobacco smoke, fear of emptiness or boredom can be hidden – a depressive satellite. Therefore, it is necessary to think about what will help enrich your life, put it with paints: discover new spheres of interest, expand communication … The goal is to present every day consisting of actions that make sense for us.

To learn more

The Spa Clinic Sha Wellness Clinic is located near the Spanish city of Alicante and offers many effective wellness programs that allow you to take care of health, beauty and spiritual equilibrium: ARS-Vitae.RU / Collection / Spain / Alicante or ShawellnessClinic.Com

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Trade in advance

It is nice to dream: but I will take and brash! But still, the doctor says, to show humility and modesty, estimating their own power: "Try preliminary strategies – for example, to light the first cigarette per hour later; gave it to half; Not always to smoke, leaving the subway. There are many opportunities to check your motivation. Regularly entering the role of a person who has no need to smoke, in the end you will become. And at the same time, be sure to celebrate the moments when the cigarette seems to you unpleasant. ".

Reduce tobacco consumption for several weeks or months before the decisive day is especially useful for avid smokers. "But it makes sense to apply this method only if you really intend to quit smoking forever, – the doctor emphasizes. – Those who are strongly dependent on nicotine and therefore experiencing fear, I recommend to have a nicotine plaster with myself and even start using it in advance to smoothly reduce the number of cigarettes ".

Prepare and quit smoking

"Forever" – only this word confirms that our solution is quite ripe and preparation was successful, convinced Dr. Measure. Here lies for him the main difference between those who do quit smoking, and those who, in fact, the only time to stop: "Such a person stops smoking the continuous battle cost to themselves, still under the psychological pressure of his habits and constantly risks" break ". And those who spend enough time ensuring that his motivation is ripe, no longer will start to smoke: he finally figured out its attitude to tobacco and their own health ".

Find information and assistance

Booked – forearmed: it is better to know in advance, what feelings may experience body, weaned from nicotine and purged of chemical waste, which for many years in a row got into it with the smoke. Fatigue, cough, irritability, digestive disorders or sleep – such a list may be long, but because at this time it is important to anticipate all the ways that you can help yourself.

The optimal solution – spend a week (this is the minimum period, as explained to me specialists) in a modern complex center: anti-tobacco program SHA Wellness Clinic begins with a detailed medical examination, includes an electrocardiogram and blood tests, sessions of acupuncture, relaxation and yoga, counseling psychologist, nutritionist , dermatologist and fitoterapevta. Every morning I waited hour walk along the coast or on a mountain road, through pine trees leading to the lighthouse; every day – delicacies specially thought out for me the menu and cooking classes on healthy food system, massages and sauna, swimming pool and Jacuzzi, and more – meditative hours on the sunny terrace, which can be spent in rest and reflection, admiring the sky and the incredible paints landscapes, breathing in deeply, and perhaps for the first time feeling, what it means – to truly be, alone with a ..

"Health is not all, but without health it does not make sense," now I have been repeating this phrase for myself, which took home from the clinic. As the main word "forever", which was not tired of repeating my doctor.

Food for soul

"Let your food be a medicine," the Hippocrat call for two more and a half millennia ago, urged its patients and students. He was the first to use the concept of "macrobiotic": Macro root comes from the Greek "long", "long", and BIOS means "life". "The principle itself applies not only to food, but also our life philosophy, relations to itself and the world as a whole, – tells the nutritionist Patricia Restrepo (Patricia Restrepo), SHA WELLNESS CLINIC. – In recent years, it was he who served as a catalyst for many modern trends in the field of healthy nutrition and lifestyle ". What does a healthy menu look like? "It is best that it consists of organic and naturally processed products: approximately 50% of whole cereals (cereals and products of them); 35% of vegetables, herbs and fruits; 15% of proteins in the form of legumes, as well as fish. And most importantly – it is important for us to take care of something to "feed" your soul every day: to experience joy and share it with others, try to be happy as much as this is possible for us. Only so you can live a long life in harmony with our own nature ".

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