Well it was necessary to continue! 10 overheard stories

Well it was necessary to continue! 10 overheard stories

We went with parents and their friends in Vietnam. On the first evening they went to the cafe nearby. Ordered food, sit we wait. We bring a saucer with water, we looked at the time and, without thinking, began to wash your hands. It was necessary to see how the eyes of local visitors and waiters were expanded from surprise&# 8230; It turns out that this "Hand Bath" needed to dip the rice pie, which we just did not have time to bring.

Fifth year. Protection of the diploma. I was the penultimate in the lists, so I managed to boost before the performance. My turn came up, I am confidently talking about. It comes to the phrase "to attract the attention of a potential buyer". My nervous brain read it as "to attract the attention of the dancer Pucator". Three times repeating this phrase, I have already started to fall from tears, laughter and snot. Head.The department even brought me water. For protection – 5, but still remember ashamed.

At the reception of the patient I say which tests must be passed:
– blood test, blood test from vein, urine test – these analyzes need to pass blood from the nose to Monday!
She is in full in response to me:
– blood from the nose also need to pass?!


Once at the reception after inspecting my daughter, the pediatrician appointed a medicine and ordered to accept the "adult dosage". When they came out, the daughter was especially glad to visit the doctor. As it turned out, she thought that she was appointed "adult soda".

Pick out somehow a favorite friend from the maternity hospital. 10 minutes went around the building acquired by the fence, and tried to get into the yard. I saw smoking doctors, shouting: "How to get to you?"After half a minute, red from laughter, they explained that at first I need to meet a good man.

It is already megalid squared.
Today I learned a new meaning in the word "insulting". Singing on the shop, a girl sat next to me, talked on the phone: "If you want to part, let’s take part, then I will now go and curse with the first oncoming", looked at me and gone.

Well it was necessary to continue! 10 overheard stories


When guests come to me, they are surprised why I always smell like. Think that I climb often. But, figs you! Car stinking under the bed for the third month improves aura in the apartment, and no sprayer will be able to effectively. Mot on the mustache, friends!

When was a little, mom on the way home braked traffic cop. And I sawing any gears about bribes, with all my children’s naivety and blurted: "And my mother has no money!"To what I was answered:" So I haven’t asked yet ". Mom then let go. And very fast&# 8230;

At one time, he wandered over removable apartments, barely reduced the ends with the ends, because the rent was in troubled. I was looking for cheaper, but the commissions and the collected were everywhere. As a result, he took 2 weeks of vacation at work, got an intern in the real estate agency, found a classic apartment without collateral, commissions, with adequate owners. Still think it’s its main scam.

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