What cosmetics are post-millenaly

What cosmetics are post-millenaly

Generations Y and Z, born in the era of the developed Internet, are very different from their parents. And not only a light look at life and a more pragmatic approach to household trifles. They like everything unusual, simple and, at the same time, multifunctional. We propose to disassemble the priorities of modern youth on the example of cosmetics.

Millennialy and postmillenias do not represent their lives without internet. It’s not bad and not good. They feel uncomfortable if there is no possibility to go on the air here and now, make an online order of pizza or a new TV with delivery to the house, find out the first news that the federal channels are not yet talking about. And at the same time they can calmly do without things familiar to their parents.

Some time ago Mashable site.COM has published a list of 70 things that the people of generation Y and Z are ready to cross out their lives forever. Somewhere in the middle, in addition to alcohol, sports schools, vacations, motorcycles, studs on the heel and sex, nulls cosmetics with anti-acting effect.

The first thing that comes to the mind is young people born at the junction of centuries and later, the problem of aging is not interesting or they are definitely not going to grow. But it is not. It is no coincidence that the beauty industry, carefully studied the preferences of young people, began to develop and produce funds that meet their taste. And novelties are in demand. So it is necessary to generate Y and Z?

Generation Y

If you were born after 1981, you can safely calculate myself to the millennium or generation Y. A distinctive feature of such people is considered:

  • desire for freedom;
  • constancy in the family and at work;
  • The desire to receive information from alternative sources;
  • active use of social networks;
  • mobility;
  • readiness to defend your point of view even with the highest bosses;
  • Striving for learning.
What cosmetics are post-millenaly

Generation Z

Young people who were born after 1998 are adjacent to the generation following Millenniala, – postmillenialas or generation Z. They are distinguished by:

  • ease of any movements;
  • Inspection and permanent communication with gadgets and digital media operating in Wi-Fi network, without which they fall into panic or immerse themselves depressed;
  • The desire to succeed in any selected activity thanks to the knowledge gained – postmillenias make a lot of efforts to learning and are terribly proud of it;
  • special attention to health and proper food;
  • love for multifunctional means saving time.

Beauty selection

The reality is that the lion’s part of the Time Millennic and Postmillenia is carried out on the worldwide network. For them it is strange to spend time camping shop to buy a jar with cream or foam for washing. For this there is online shopping – everything is convenient and practical here. In general, the young generation perceives the world, relying on his eyes, – visualization for them in the first place. That is why cosmetics must meet non-standard tastes, and manufacturers – try to make the tool notice and acquired. So what bets are made?

Bright packaging

One of the important requirements that the Internet generation presents for cosmetics – bright packaging. The tool must be noticeable among the rest, otherwise they will not buy it. Ordinary Dark Bubbles with Laconic Labels leave mom or grandmother, and for themselves – something unusual, for example, beauty facility in the form of candy chups. The most creative design is different, by the way, Asian cosmetics, especially from Korea.


Generation Z literally never releases a smartphone from hand. Telephone camera fixes every step postmillenial. And cosmetics – no exception. And if she also liked! That is why the tool should be not just effective, but also photogenic to look good on the page on Facebook or Instagram.

Ecology and organic

Generation, born at the junction of centuries, is very responsible for everything that is associated with a healthy lifestyle and concern for the environment. Perhaps they are less sporting, but but they are very well versed in what they eat and drink. They learned to read packaging of any products and in no case will not buy anything that can potentially harm the body. That is why organic cosmetics or cosmetics without preservatives and parabens get up at the head of the corner. They also close for:

  • Ecological packaging, preferred by biodegradable materials;
  • natural ingredients;
  • Notes "Not Tested on Animals"


In order to understand this item, it is worth imagining the life of a generation Z. They are not used to wait. Superbate – get everything immediately, preferably right now. That is why the funds "3-B-1", "5-in-1" are popular with their popularity. SS and BB-Creams, Transparent Cushes, Night Masks – All this meets the most popular requests and, most importantly, saves the time of care, and another place on the shelf in the bathroom and cosmetic.

Democratic price

This item is connected, rather, with the age of postmillenials. The most adult is not more than 20 years old. It is difficult to imagine that at this age someone from the advanced generation Z will agree to spend money on the most expensive cream, which will save from wrinkles or dull face. So far, these problems are not familiar with young people. That is why the choice almost always falls on an inexpensive, but perfectly proven cosmetics. And new items given preference in this sense.

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