What declares new femininity

What declares new femininity?

Bright sensual lips, shoes on a particularly high heel, dresses fitting women’s forms … The feminine style is returned to the fashion – not in order to turn a woman into a sexy object, but to give her the opportunity to say: "I am proud of my floor".

Magnificent forms Scarlett Johansson, the bright attractiveness of Angelina Jolie, sophisticated Sex Apreal Dita Background TIZ – Today the femininity of celebrities seem to be freed from the unisex that has recently been recently considered the norm of good taste. Fashion’s advanced advanced minimalism, things without frills, unplaced halftone, style without frank gender manifestations.

Now the clothes have rounded the floor again, and we are ready to declare it with your own appearance. "A huge impact on the youth fashion in recent years has provided such pop stars as Lady Gaga or Rihanna, – their style was sometimes not just on the verge, but also beyond the fauce, – Daria Anichkina reflects, director of the Elle magazine Fashion Department. – And the feeling was created that such incredible outfits are directly responsible for the success of one or another artist. It is natural that after that period we see now returning to an elegant feminine image. And this "break" on traditional femininity is felt like a sip of fresh air for the entire fashion industry ".

Freedom to try

Over the past half a century, the attitude of women to their own image and body was very transformed under the influence of feminism. In competition with men, women to start mastered the external signs of male. Then there was a turn of a neutral style in clothes devoid of clearly pronounced gender signs. And most recently we returned to femininity – bright, boldly declaring themselves. Does this mean that now, against the background of hobby, the supersatural style of the 50s, the attitude to the woman is implicitly returning to us as a sexual object? It is unlikely that today’s fashion is not so straightforward, as before: it does not dictate the mandatory style, it allows you to choose.

The current underlined femininity is a way to say: "I am a woman", but in the game, indirect manner. "The unisex style at one time was necessary for women in order to escape from the inequality of the past, to declare themselves as full members of society, to achieve respect from the man, – says Gestalt-therapist Maria Andreeva. – Now, when a woman emphasizes his gender-piece clothes, she never ceases to be an equivalent business partner, to which they are serious and respectfully. Such a style is a sign of confidence in myself, in the fact that she can afford it without risk to shake his reputation and seem "non-serious". She no longer need to prove that she is no worse than men, dressed for this in "their" clothes ".

"Recently, I began to wear a tight skirt from time to time and paint the lips of bright red lipstick," 34-year-old Alla says with a smile. – the first time I was very unfulfilled, the feelings were unusual. I was afraid that in the office colleagues will be cast to me mockingly, because before that my style was pretty inexpressive. However, no one ironized my address. On the contrary, my gesture was rated, and since then I no longer feel embarrassed when instead of the trouser costume, I sometimes wear like that, slightly provocative, outfit. In it, I look a real "vamp", although I am not a rocky woman ".

It is in this shade of a healthy self-irony and consists of a difference between our contemporaries and generations of our grandmothers and mothers. The fact that for them was following the Dictata of Fashion, which then did not imply deviates from the "General line", for us it becomes its own choice and the ability to express yourself.

"A woman along with a short skirt and heels experiences a new role that allows you to weaken the internal barriers consisting of ideas" you can not – "is permissible – it is unacceptable", "acceptable is unacceptable," says Olga psychologist. – and gets the opportunity to hide in this role from possible painful disappointments of new experience. This phenomenon was repeatedly described: when a person plays a role, he is not as scary and shameful to fail, as if he acts "truly". So he is more willing to try new, expand his experience ".

"We declare themselves as free people"

Why underlined feminine, sexy clothing style Today we are increasingly visible as a trend not only in Haute Couture, but also in street fashion?

Previously, the combination of red and black, emphasizing the figure silhouette, velvet, silk and other tactile pleasant materials – all this caused a wurally wary reaction. Dressed so woman was perceived as a "lady with certain intentions". Now this style has lost its unequivocal promise, and even a business woman can put on a job tight skirt and make a bright makeup.

What declares new femininity

Feminists of the first and second wave believed that such a clothing style turns a woman into a sexy object. However, today’s postfeminism has a reaction to this frankly erotic style much softer. In 1997, the famous literary critic and feminist Elaine Showolter published in American Vogue received a wide resonance an article where a critical and hypocritical attitude towards fashion that is in the US university environment (where the left political views are traditionally popular).

It is now clear that the woman must have freedom of choice, and if she has a desire to emphasize his field in clothes, it says about her female strength, and not at all about the intention to act as a seducer. Now it is no longer required to wear a baggy jumpsuit in order to declare others: "I am not a sexy object, but a person". Especially since the current feminine style is perceived by several in quotes. We see Irony in complex outfits, "smart" eroticism with reflexes, which is implemented in the trend "Combine and mix".

Erotic style is present in clothing with fragments, quotes, replicas, in the most unexpected combinations. Woman demonstrates her freedom, his right to act in mood. Postmodernism came into fashion. In the postmodern literature, the author does not announce his position, providing the text to express several points of view at once at the same time. The same thing happens in fashion that allows a combination in one outfit of elements of different style. We declare yourself as free people. And feminism overcame its categorical approach: now it is recognized that people should not play on the rules imposed on them.

The main task is to like yourself

"In the high school classes, we were explained: the one who is painted and wears a mini, a bad girl, she will not be able to get education and will end up with the losers," recalls 36-year-old Tatyana. – In adolescence, I was not particularly worried about how I dress: it was important to go to the institute immediately after school, and it took all my thoughts, as now all thoughts are working. But a year ago I was fascinated by dancing. Together with the desire to move beautifully and the courage to dress brighter. Now I want to put on a dress or a bright skirt, shoes on a heel, make makeup and hairstyle – I know that I will not attend my professional consistency at risk ".

Unlike magazine beauties of the 1950s, modern feminine women are not going to give up their achievements and independence. For many of them, an underlined femininity is, first of all, it is a way to like yourself, reminding you and others about the fact that they remain women, although a long time ago with men seek career heights and independently arrange life.

What declares new femininity

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