What did we come to fight for the return of innocence! “

"To what happened: we fight for the return of innocence!"

We have discovered sexuality, making love for the first time. And now everything is known in advance, teens are impregnated by pornography. But isn’t it sad to consider what you can fantasize and dream?

But there were times when the exit to the screens of the erotic film was becoming an event. "Emmanuel" (dir. Zhest Zhekin, 1974) facilitated wallets to several millions of viewers who were built in long queues in front of cinemas. In the dark halls we used sensuality. The slightest deviation, a hint of perversion caused a scandal. We chased behind the dream of naked, even if minimal. My generation was doomed to rare meetings with truly sultry scenes. What an unforgettable memory left me about that day when I managed to slip into the hall to see the film, which everyone said: "Thirty-seven and two in the morning" (dir. Jean-Jacques Bearex, 1986)! I was 12 years old, and on the picture of the bencex only from 13 years old. I felt like a hero! Now this film would have been shown without restrictions, of course. I am embarrassing in this confusing, but my first strong erotic feelings were associated with La Redoute and 3 Suisses catalogs. On the pages with linen was where to raise the imagination. But who were these stunning women? My friends and I were ready to carry the smuggling catalog of spring-summer 1984. We could talk about the bra for hours … And now it is impossible to do two steps on the street, so as not to see a photo of a naked body or sensual posture. I just read an article in which a crazy figure was published: 400 million visits on the Youporn site are recorded from the territory of France. It’s a lot in my opinion. Some apparently spend their days and nights there. The youth of my generation discovered sexuality, making love for the first time. And what is the case now? There are no more secrets in the sexual acting for any teenager, which is covered with pornographic pictures. Isn’t it sad to consider what you need to fantasize and dream? New technologies damaged this side of our imagination.

What did we come to fight for the return of innocence!

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Knowing everything we know, it is impossible to create your own images. Worse: those pictures that offer us change reality. You can meet adolescents who have already found a rough sexuality, cut off from feelings and in general from the sentimental side, with women-objects and men who need to demonstrate the wonders of potency. How do they grow taste for tenderness? To caresses, by the desire of another, to expectation? How to explain to children that love and desire is quite another. I would not want my son to discover sexuality from this side. I always remind him of the need to exercise attention to women, the pleasure that the words deliver the ability to wait. Previously, they called the "age of innocence". That is what it came with: we fight for the return of innocence. A new era has come in education: you need to do, "Develop". Teenagers may have the impression that they all know, while in fact they do not know anything. It is necessary to erase everything they saw that they can see everything themselves, with their own eyes. Do everything for the first time remained really first.

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