What do men do to survive parting

What do men do to survive parting?

If you think that most men pass past the destroyed relationships as insensitive as past crushed birds on the roadway, then you are seriously mistaken. Life in constant pain is complex for strong sex. And the following few weeks, and sometimes months, after parting we spend a lot of time for each of the following 12 steps:

1. Drink in friends

Healing begins with a conversation? In this case, the drinking works as a lubricant that unleashes the language, and allows us to speak, talk and talk.

2. Do something that the former would not approve

It is extremely important to prove to yourself that the former partner was a burden and prevented most attempts to be. She shared when I turned on cartoons on Saturday morning at breakfast? Well, no more reproaches and disgruntled views. She wrinkled spout when he felt the smell of smoke? Right now we are ready to whine the whole pack of cigarettes at a time, simply because we can!

3. Stop changing sheets

Because who needs it at all?

4. We remember all the former

The list of your former partners has just increased, because at the time to look at your gaznob from the new side. What place she will take in comparison with the rest: "the most abnormal", "the most hairy legs", "that, with the fourth size" or for the eyes you will give her any more piquant nickname?

5. We look porn

Porn will never talk to disgust and will not give promises that will not be able to perform. Thank you for it, porn!

6. Follow the former social networks

"Why are you happy? Why are you so happy in the photos? Don’t you hurt you at all?!"

7. Trying to ride everyone around

Our first attempts to return to the wild world of new people and relations will be extremely awkward. At the best case, we will commit for every girl in the visibility zone. At worst – we will be drunk voice to explain to everyone who is ready to listen, why our former such a terrible person and why we still love her.

eight. We start to play sports

What do men do to survive parting

In the end, we understand that over the past few weeks we have become not only to feel like a piece of garbage, but also look about the same. That is how we get into the gym. In the process most often appear and thoughts like this: "If I continue in the same spirit, she will definitely regret what we broke up". And the point is not that we want to return the relationship, we want you to return to us.

nine. We update the wardrobe

It is also part of our full transformation. Now you definitely regret the bottom when they decided to part. After all, we are again confident and looking damn well.

ten. We are looking for you with a look in public places

We scan crowds of people hoping to see your face. We present what your reaction will be. And we believe that we will see the rays of nostalgia in your eyes.

eleven. Learning to live without you

In the end, you stop being the center of our thoughts. The coincidence is or not, but at about the same time we find new sympathies and attachments to other girls. We start walking on a date and at the same time we do not feel like this is treason of former. We realize that alone, and that it is not so bad.

12. And finally, we wish you all the best

At some point, mourning ends, and we stop hoping that you are somewhere there, lonely, depressed and unhappy. After all, once you did us happy, and now you deserve all the best.

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