What do our erotic dreams talk about us

What do our erotic dreams talk about us?

Why we have frank scenes with our own participation, sometimes it is unusual that it is uncomfortable? Is it necessary to treat them seriously, whether they indicate hidden desires? And finally, is it worth trying something similar in life?

"On my email constantly comes the same questions – once a week, and even more often, – writes sexotherapist Ayedor Alman. – And they all concern erotic dreams ".

What do erotic dreams and fantasies mean?

Just what you are a person. How often you dream that you are late for a lesson or exam? No matter how many years ago you graduated from school – this is a typical disturbing sleep. The same can be said about dreams, where we see ourselves naked or lose some kind of clothes. The plot is very common, and, of course, it does not mean at all that we want to be at a party without pants.

So no: in most cases, our secret desires are not expressed in dreams. Rather, dreams speak of hidden feelings: for example, that we are alarmed or afraid to look ridiculous. We are all sexy from nature. So engage in a dream with love with the representative of his sex with traditional orientation or enjoying sex on three with strictly monogamous views only means that we are alive.

You really want to experience something similar in life? This is your personal business. Dreams and fantasies do not necessarily contain tips or guidelines for action. Most often it’s just fleeting erotic thoughts.

That dreams tell about us?

Again, they just say that the human brain is able to create very bizarre images. Suppose you persecutes the same dream. Naturally, in the light of the day it costs to calmly understand what its meaning, and ask himself: suddenly you really need to try? This is generally normal? How to do it? Where it leads?

After that, you can make any decision. And yet neither dreams, no fantasy tell nothing about us, what we ourselves do not guess.

Is it worth trying what you dreamed?

What do our erotic dreams talk about us

Your life is your rules. Some sexy fantasies, like a trip in a naked form on the unicorn, is clearly nothing more than the game of imagination. But, let’s say, throw with stormy caresses on your boss – just a bad idea. On the other hand, there are quite feasible dreams. But think good things, you really need it?

How to make a fantasy in reality?

Aseedor Alman talks about the case of his client who dreamed of making love with his wife, dressed in the evening dress, and certainly in the pool. He suggested, she refused. Like, "Too strange". The man came to consult. He did not want to hire a girl on call, he wanted his wife. But the shower or bathroom did not suit.

The doctor asked to invite a spouse to consult, to understand why it objects. She prefers her husband to lose this scenario with another woman? No. She prefers him to forced her to this? No. All within the framework of monogamy, and violence is excluded.

Sexotherapy offered a woman to explore the pros who will give her the revision of her views for her husband’s favorite husband. In the end, she decided to try, because it did not threaten her health and emotional well-being. It is impossible to say that this game is madly. But she stopped perceiving it as something terrible, and for the spouse it was a huge relief. As a result, the couple made an unusual ritual twice a year, and both enjoyed.

What to do with unequivocated and completely specific fantasies to those who are not married (not married)? How to implement them? If you need a partner for this, try to find it, build a trusting relationship and offer your idea. Of course, please do not guarantee consent, but you can try.

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