What do we get old

What do we get old

And what if curiousness, the desire to help others and interest in life is capable, contrary to prejudice, to draw our old age in joy? Five sincere certificates that change our view on this era of life.

“Starting – the age period in the life of the body, inevitably coming over maturity and characterized by substantial exchange, structural and functional changes in organs and systems that limit the adaptive capabilities of the body,” the big our encyclopedia explains dryly. Perhaps her scientific editors would add something from themselves to this article if they were personally familiar with the heroes of our material.

According to Rosstat, the share of older people over 60 among the our population in 2019 amounted to 25%. What will we feel and life around us when we find yourself among them?

On the one hand, thanks to the achievements of medicine today it is easier for us to achieve elderly age, while maintaining all the important abilities of your body. On the other hand, in world psychological science there will have a new idea of ​​old age as the continuing movement of a person ahead, as a development, and not about the sunset of life.

“The way aging will be, largely depends on the person himself,” says French geonstologist Maurice Tubiana. – Research helped scientists to identify certain mechanisms involved in the process of aging brain cells. It turned out that intellectual activity, curiosity, interest in communication, the desire to know and move forward noticeably slow down this process, impede him.

It is also incredibly important psychological state of a person. The aging, the more slows down, the more he confident, feels that people need, can help others and with the joy to take help from them “. Speaking easier, the more man loves life.

“I am happy that I can love in a new way”

Sergey Fedorovich, born in 1920, in the Kursk region. War passed from the first day to the latter, worked as an engineer. No children, but in the family of the second wife, he is considered to be a native father and grandfather. Lives in his apartment, cares about himself.

“I am proud of my past and without sorrow I look in the future. Of course, the forces are no longer the ones that earlier, but I do a lot so that they are: performing 16 pull-ups and 8 pushups daily, climb on the fifth floor on foot.

With age, you know more clearly: all the main thing in life do it myself. The same life alignment can turn around and the grief and joy. Two of my favorite women died, I don’t have children – such an old age could be lonely, bitter and evil. But also my grandfather taught: never be angry, it does not help.

I have a favorite and wonderful family, now even there is a great-grandfather. I know: it is impossible to live only in the past, and you do not need to burn from pain when nothing can be corrected. Caring for loved ones gives me a feeling of the completeness of life, and the most joyful for me now – Communication with them.

All my life we ​​are looking for meaning in it, and we will learn only for old age. For me, he is to remain a person – interested in something other than himself, be patient, dirty and grateful. Time is now going to quite differently: before years they only added, and now every day the day is a real gift. Old age still so much joys! They are of course other than in youth. But the price of them is only above. I am happy that I can, as before, live and already love in a new one. “.

“In old age it becomes easier to learn to forgive”

Valentin Ivanovich, born in 1926 near Leningrad, grew up in the boarding school, at the age of 17 went to the front volunteer, went through the war. For more than 20 years he worked as a driver of trolleybus. No children, lives in the nursing home.

“With age, a person changes not as much as it seems. Yes, I became worse to hear and see and now more dependent on other people. But in the soul I am independent, free. Surprisingly how fast time passed! It seems that I just started working … And now 80 with superfluous.

In old age, the opportunity appears to rise above his life, see it entirely. You can give an assessment to everything that was what is. I want to spend a lot of time to rethink your life. Therefore, for many things from the external life, I already react otherwise – no longer so emotionally and passionately, I keep the distance more.

But interest in what is happening, not changed. I like to watch, communicate with young and see people change. When I am with them, I understand, for what I fought and suggests the whole war on the belly, in intelligence.

Of course, in the past there was a lot of heavy, bitter, but I try to remember only good, to appreciate it, even if I have little, that I have. So easier to live. Unlike some old men, I don’t want to grumble on the spoiled young people, ungrateful relatives … I want to thank them and rejoice at their success. In old age it becomes easier to learn to forgive. From this so nice and good in the soul “.

“You can look at eye view of a bird’s eye view”

Olga Mikhailovna, born in 1915 in Minsk, in the war years was among the concentration camp of the concentration camp, after was recognized as the “enemy of the people”. Worked an accountant. No children, lives in the nursing home.

“Sorry, you can’t take a picture of me what I was in my youth. I love everything beautiful. But what to complain? From everything you need to be able to enjoy. We are not eternal, so I learned to rejoice every day. Of course, now I have less freedom, much hurts, but there are pleasant things.

Previously there was no time for books, and now I read a lot – mostly on history – and very glad to this. I listen to a lot of classical music on the radio. But I regret that I could not sing a professionally: I dreamed from childhood, I entered the conservatory, but the first husband did not let me mercy. I still sing my favorite aria.

I think, with age, I have become better. Tolery that. I look like a bird’s eye view I look at all the problems. What is the point of arguing, offended? Better listen more, analyze and draw your conclusions. I learned to be tacty, listen to people, and before you could take and feel something unpleasant.

What do we get old

I do not want and not going to limit my life by life – I want to develop spiritually and grow. Someone will say: “What is the point? All the same soon die “. But such something dying. I want to live next. Curious how Moscow will grow and what kind of skyscrapers will be built. And I wonder whether fashion will change: I don’t like long hair now,.

“I recognize a lot of new. And about ourselves, including “

Ksenia Filippovna, born in 1927 and most of his life lived in Ukraine, worked in a collective farm. War spent in the occupation, after the economy and children. Lives with his daughter’s family.

“At 70, I unexpectedly started writing poetry for myself. I wanted to send an answer to your front-line girlfriend, and it turned out in verses. It would seem where to have such a person like me, this is the ability? After all, I graduated from five classes, I experienced hunger, war and occupation, worked very much – in the collective farm, on Earth, early widowed, rustled two children. And suddenly these lines just ran from me from under the pen: I recorded them, as I could, – on napkins, newspapers. Since then, a whole notebook has gotten.

Poems – the main gift to me for old age. I am very grateful to this gift: I used to miss no time nor the strength to learn, and now thanks to poetry, I recognize a lot of new. And about ourselves, including. In addition, so I can benefit. I recently lay in the hospital, my neighbor on the chamber felt badly and asked me to read my poems – said that they calm her down. I then dedicated to her separate verse.

I am glad that it supports people. Over the years, the need for the need to share – with their knowledge, by their work, let it already be modest. Now I understand better how important it is to appreciate every moment of life, in a hurry to do what you can. I thought earlier that he would rest in retirement, sleep, but no, I don’t want to relax – I want to work. It is a pity, of course, that the forces are no longer the ones, but I do not sit on the spot, my day begins early. Do not be lazy – this is what is important for happy old age “.

“I was convinced that wisdom is born from fearlessness”

Elena Sergeyevna, was born in 1913 in the Moscow region, life basically dedicated to the family, raising children, worked. Lives in his apartment, cares about himself.

“They say that old people are wise. Yes, of course, in 90 we are wiser than 50 years old, but I think that this wisdom is born from fearlessness. I can not say that in old age a person opens some special knowledge, but more understanding more understanding itself and more confidence.

I used to be very shy, I was afraid of a lot in life. And now the courage came. I think that life has hardered me. She was very heavy. Probably, like many people: we plan on plans, we dream about something, for something we try, and then everything turns out quite otherwise. Of course, you begin to treat everything more philosophically. I am a believer man and know that the result is often not in our hands – both in trifles and global things. But fall in spirit – a big sin.

In general, I’m not tired from life, I wonder the new time. It is a pity that modern life is a solid race, from this people much less often began to think, look inside.

Over the years we have the opportunity to somehow comprehend life. In my youth you live and live, you do not listen to yourself, and now – quite different. I think now I know and understand myself better than ever. I realized that I never need to worry, the strength. And calm down – and the forces are suddenly located. And I know for sure that there is help over, even in the simplest things “.


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