What do we have our emotions

What do we have our emotions

Emotions are natural as breathing, says psychologist Amy Maureen. But they can sometimes harm. So that this does not happen, you need to learn them to realize, cope with them and control.

Emotions affect what we think and how to behave. Our excessive emotional reactions change the perception of the world and ultimately our behavior and life. Need to be able to cope with them. Because not only anger, but also joy can capture so much that we lose our head and stop controlling the situation. How we manage and what our emotions are stealing?

1. Anger can make it sorry about the made

Being in the power of anger, we are committing actions that later regret. Learn to recognize rage signals when it has not yet captured you entirely. It’s hard to breathe, the pulse is studied, the face is blushing. At this time, you can still return control of yourself – you need to breathe deeply or leave the room. Most importantly, do not go to the point of no return.

2. Nervousness and excitement take time and strength

Permanent thoughts on the possible tragedy, diseases, accidents that have not yet happened, but about it. It is unproductive. You do not have time to rejoice that your concerns were not confirmed because you find new reasons for excitement. You are worried about loved ones and think that this is the indicator of your concern about them. In fact, you complicate life all around, but first of all myself.

3. Frustration and disappointment take faith in yourself

Disappointment from what you didn’t work out, goes into despair. Thoughts "I can’t do it", "It’s too difficult for me" is a product of disappointment, and they are its fuel. If you give them to the will, it will end in the fact that you generally cease to make efforts and try. And then leave this idea at all.

How to deal with frustration? If you are taken for a difficult task, let yourself have breaks for rest – not only physical, but also psychological. Get distracted from the project, forget that it is important for you. The feeling of superstundation and then causes such despair at the slightest fail. And always keep in memory and "at hand" something that returns you confidence.

4. Sadness and sadness are forced to run away from the world

When we are sad, the first thing I want to do is escape from all. Even from friends and relatives with their sympathetic views. But loneliness and the pickup still did not help anyone dispel the sadness. Overting from those who sympathize and wants to help you exacerbate stress.

Choose another way – more often come among people, even if you do not feel that you want it. Go to where you will see them, but you will not be obliged to closely communicate: in the park, in the museum, for a walk. Very often, catching among carefree couples and families with children, we experience relief and calm from the fact that there are still happy people in the world.

5. Fear makes retreat back

What do we have our emotions

We are ready to give up a lot to avoid what scares us. We are right when we are bearing what causes concern. But there are other fears that do not protect us, but, on the contrary, put the footrest or make you get bogged in the quagger of doubts. And these fears need to be able to recognize. They are masked for caution, because they arise when we want to do something new: to find a new job, discover new tasks for yourself. Then wakes up the fear of mistaken, and here it makes sense to fight.

6. The feeling of guilt eats us entirely

Feeling guilt can be experienced years. You can fight him, hide from ourselves or, on the contrary, return to one episode from the past again and again. Exit – refuse to store secrets that feed your sense of guilt. Admit to them yourself, ask for forgiveness and become ourselves.

7. Inspiration deprives the ability to soberly think

Not only negative, but also positive emotions are able to capture us so much that it leads to problems. When you literally burn a new project, passionate about new relationships and prospects, you can overestimate the chances of success and underestimate the risks. So before you leave the job and to establish your own business, without having a clear plan, or link life with those who barely know, make an effort and do not go through a thin face that separates enthusiasm and enthusiasm from Euphoria.

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Amy Morin (Amy Morin), a psychotherapist, the author of bestseller "13 things that do not make people, strong spirit" translated into 20 languages.

What do we have our emotions

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