What do we know about happiness

What do we know about happiness?

This small test shows that our ideas about happiness are not always confirmed by research data. Check how close you are close to scientific truth.

True or incorrect, from your point of view, the following statements? Answer "Yes" or not "and learn whether your presentations are compliant with these scientific research.

  1. Lucky wins in the lottery large amount (more than a million euros), really much happier than the rest.
  2. Happiness is more a serene state of mind than the moments of joy.
  3. Believers are usually happier than unbelievers.
  4. Available to us degree of happiness is predetermined genetically (we are born more or less happy).
  5. Beauty – Source of Happiness.
  6. Married people are usually happier than lonely.
  7. You can make a decision and become happier.

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Studies in which people who received major winnings show that when the moment of Euphoria passes, they do not feel happier. A year later, a person feels no longer happy than before.


That is the most of the happiness, as two faces of the same reality.


People leading active spiritual life usually consider themselves happier than unbelievers. True, belonging to any traditional religion does not play a decisive role.


What do we know about happiness

Natural tendency to the experience of pleasant emotions depends on temperament. We are talking about genetic lottery. But we, of course, are able to simulate this tendency.


Those who resort to the services of plastic surgery, after some time after the operation do not talk about themselves as happy people, except when it comes to serious ugliness.


Family life, subject to mutual respect and intimacy, increases the feeling of happiness. Meanwhile, with the birth of children, this advantage can evaporate.


You can build your happiness: it depends only on our efforts, but from great efforts (scientists engaged in the study of happiness, evaluate this opportunity in 40%). Does happiness depends on.

  • Material welfare? No, not in money happiness, provided that you have them enough to satisfy your immediate needs: eat, have a roof need a head and be safe.
  • Social status or higher education? Intellect does not help to become happy.
  • Beauty? People who are considered particularly attractive, are not the happiest (what are our popular magazines try to convince us. You will feel happier not because you will become more beautiful, and because you will love yourself more;
  • Health? Contrary to every expectations, even people suffering from chronic diseases, it is possible to feel in life happy.

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What can actually make us happier?

Social ties: Life in marriage, a circle of friends, the formation of relations contributing to the development of personality (for example, with members of their family), – play a decisive role in our sense of happiness.

Activity, whether it is a professional or having to leisure. We are doing happy what we do ourselves.

faith. All studies converge in the fact that those who believe in God consider themselves happier (with the exception of fundamentalists). Why is that? First of all, because such people are counting on the support of the community that shares the same moral values ​​and the system of beneficial beliefs (life makes sense, God helps us).

Happiness is more connected with the feeling of being than with material benefits.

Four faces of happiness

  1. Enjoying feelings and feeling joy
  2. Involvement in any meaningful activity (volunteer work, raising children. )
  3. Satisfaction with the result of what made
  4. Calm and disgrace with respect to what happens

These four faces indicate how our vision of happiness changes with age:

  • Childhood: joy
  • Youth: Involvement
  • Maturity: Satisfaction
  • Old age: serenity

Read more about these and other ideas about happiness, read in the book of French psychologist Iva-Alexander Talmann "How to become happy. Express training. Unique system of exercises from world experts "(Eksmo, 2014).

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