What do women think about their appearance in different countries

What do women think about their appearance in different countries?

Each of us has its own relationship with body and appearance. Something we don’t like more, something less, with something we are ready to put up, but we want to fix something. And how do women in different countries relate to their appearance? Tells plastic surgeon with world experience.

Often, beauty is perceived as a deception and something that interferes with the calm continuation of the kind. This is clearly demonstrated by our folk proverbs and sayings: "It’s good in appearance, and they are smilling – the mouth is shrivit," "outside – beauty, inside – emptiness," "Do not be fit, and be suitable", "Penrene – shuttle milk "," good eyes, yes no good speeches ".

Europeans have beauty perceived as a natural harmonious state.

  • Italians:

La Bellezza Ha Una Verità Tutta SUA – Beauty has its own truth.

SE SON ROSE, FIORIRNO – if these are roses, then they will bloom.

CHI VA CON LO ZOPPO IMPARA A ZOPPICARE – Going next to Chrome will learn to chrome.

    What do women think about their appearance in different countries
  • French people:

Être Bien Dans SA PEAU – Literal translation: "Feel good in your own skin". Literary translation: "To be satisfied with your life".

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To deal with body and physicity issues from the point of view of medicine, we asked a few questions to Plastic surgeon Adelson Alexandrino, which operates in Russia, Italy, France, USA, Brazil.

Is there any interrelation between the patient’s attitude to his own body and the desire to change it and improve?

Adelson Alexandrino: Undoubtedly, the relationship is traced. The greatest number of plastic operations is carried out in the USA and Brazil. These nations have the most simple attitude towards themselves and its body and plastic surgery perceived as a campaign to a dentist or a hairdresser. Then goes Italy. For Italian, their appearance is the subject of a special cult and pride. They can treat themselves in the mirror and admire themselves. Therefore, the beauty of forms and proportions is so important for them. Frenchwomen and ours are treated much less. But the reasons are different here. The Frenchwoman has a strongly developed love for himself and her body. They learned to love and accept themselves as they are. They are accepted naturally to grow old. But our women, on the contrary, often do not like themselves, so do not consider themselves worthy to be better, and therefore – to seek correction. Someone even shy to bare and show their body to consult. The services of plastic surgery in Germany are quite popular. For the German it is simply not important. Body for them – purely functional mechanism. It is fed, wash, dress. It hits and gives birth to children, naturally agitates and dies.

Whether the life of people changing their body? And is it always necessary for this correction?

A. A.: Often a woman turns to a plastic surgeon when she is ready to change in his life. Someone for this goes to a psychotherapist and passes a course for several months or years. It is important that the woman fell in love with his nose, his chest, and did not imitate the stars: nose like Monica Belucci, chest like Madonna, lips like Angelina Jolie. I often turn to me with such a request. But I do not fulfill such orders. Otherwise, a person will lose herself, imitating another. What will happen if everyone goes to the same person? It will be cloning, and not gaining self. It is important for me to show the patient as he is beautiful in itself. And if nature is a little mistaken – not trouble. You can only make a small correction and open the potential laid in person. And of course, after the correction, the woman becomes more confident. Get married, changes work, leaves to live in another country. Someone makes their long-standing dreams. New appearance becomes the symbolic new birth of a person where it may not be restrictions from past life. And most importantly – a person finally acquires faith in itself and in his right to be happy.

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