What does dream mean “I hand over the exam again”

What does sleep mean: "I hand over the exam again"

Every month, the Jungian analyst Stanislav Raevsky decrypts the paintings that you saw in a dream.

Sleep Lada, 42 years

"I have two higher education and good work. At the same time I have three times a year, or even more often, it dreams that I pass exams. Everything learned, but in a ticket Questions on another subject, but you can not refuse. Or such a plot: I come to the stand with the results of the exam, I am looking for a long time in the list and suddenly see "2" against his last name – "2". I wake up in despair, with tears ".


Answer at the board, exam, relocation. Such dreams will dream with many and, as a rule, hurt much. But why formed, successfully working people again dream of a non-disconnected lesson, a bad ticket, an unfamiliar subject? Will we stay in the depths of the soul insecure in themselves students? Maybe we just pretend that they grew up and know how? And therefore it is so scary that we will be brought to clean water and everything will become clear that we only pretend smart, successful, and the real our estimate is "2". But this twice puts us our own incompleteness complex. And it is not associated with our real achievements, but is based on children’s injuries. If it is difficult for us to rely on the inner sense of own significance, then it’s time to realize your complex of inferiority and start working on it. Otherwise, we will look for yourself all your life in the lists of other people’s assessments and see the Two.

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Often parents from the best motives or because of their own unrealizations are waiting for our five from us and even fours are taken as two. We receive little support from them and hear a lot of criticism. Then our life turns into an eternal exam, in attempts to deserve their approval. Think someone who appreciated you for a two. And try to give up attempts to pass the exam by this biased examiner. After all, life without estimates is full of joy and freedom, and estimates are observed on the alarm and constant discontent.

In the modern world, the exam was replaced by a rite of initiation, which in traditional societies accompanied the transition to a new social and age status: the young man became a man, and the girl – the hostess and mother. In such a ritual, it was not enough to show his abilities and skills; The old idea of ​​myself was dying and born new. In the middle of life, many of us live a psychological crisis: our former, children’s, naive and heroic "I" dies, and a new, mature and wise is born. Perhaps your dreams about exams indicate the process of finding maturity.

Our education often gives us too specific skills or, on the contrary, non-applicable theoretical knowledge. Rarely we are taught the main thing – how to be happy, how to fill life with meaning, how to understand each other. Life examines us, but we continue to prepare not in those subjects: "How to build a career", "How to get married" or just "how to be an excellent student in life". Perhaps you should think about what exam you are preparing and which life offers you. And live it so as not to put "2".

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What does dream mean

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