What does dream mean “me blinds the bright light of the moon”

What does sleep mean: "I’m blinding the bright light of the moon"

Every month, the Jungian analyst Stanislav Raevsky decrypts the paintings that you saw in a dream.

Sleep Ariadna, 43 years

"I look at the night window, and there shines the moon – I know that this is the moon, because the sky is dark blue. At the same time the disk is small, and the rays are very bright and long, like the sun. And at first this moon partially closes the window frame from me. But I really want to see her, I’m tilting my head so, then I am moving, and finally I manage to see her completely, and she is so bright that blind me. Nothing else happened in this dream. What it may mean?"


"In the center of this dream one symbol: moon-sun. As if the unconscious draws your attention to something important. Speaking metaphorically, suggests looking at the moon in a telescope. When in the dream we see the sun, the moon, planets or stars, we are dealing with something big than our "I". Such a dream reminds us of eternal. The fact that the psychologist Karl Gustav Jung called the "self". He believed that our "I" is mistaken, fantasizing that life revolves around him. In fact, "I" revolves around the self, the real sun of our psyche. For years to forty, many of us feel lost. Jung in his experience realized that it was possible to get out of this crisis, starting to hear their self. It is in the middle of life that we can look out of our house "I" and see the moon-sun of a self.

The sun often symbolizes men’s (fatherly) energy. And the moon – female (maternal). Their simultaneous presence or hybrid of the Sun and the Moon means a meeting of these energies. Divine alchemical marriage. Window or door – border symbol, transition. As if you are in some transitional state. You may be closed in a certain problem, and you need to get out of this prison and look at the sky to see the eternal moon.

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We can understand a lot about our nature, reflecting on the moon. Cyclic moon – she comes and leaves, arrives and decreases. She constantly reminds us of variability and eternal return and updating. That everything grows and develops, and that the death will be rebirth.

Still moon reflects the light of the sun. What sun reflects you yourself? One of the deep topics of psychological and spiritual development is to stop identifying himself with separate reflections and to become one who reflects everything that happens.

But no need to forget about the danger of lunar influence. The moon drives us crazy, makes you fill alarm. Awakens sexuality, and sometimes provokes depression. Silver Light of the Moon can lead to the country of false dreams and fantasies. Therefore, thinking about his spiritual and spiritual development, we must not forget about reality and contacts with other people. It will create a balance between the moonlight of sleep and the sunny world of Javi. Only support for family, friends and loved ones allowed Yung to experience the experience of deep transformation. I would advise you to disassemble this dream with a professional psychologist, those who know your current situation ".

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What does dream mean

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