What does dream mean “My elevator did not go there”

What does dream mean: "My elevator left not there"

Every month, the Jungian analyst Stanislav Raevsky decrypts the paintings that you saw in a dream.

Son Elena, 42 years

"I enter the elevator, press the button of my floor, it rises, passing my floor and moving up with acceleration up. I understand that now the elevator will hit the ceiling and starts falling. It hits, flies down, and I wake up. But sometimes it breaks through the roof and quickly rolls, but already horizontally, on the hills and roads. And then I am not scary, but interesting ".


What does dream mean

"A trip to the elevator – a common plot of dreams. The elevator falls, flies, changes the direction of movement, rides towards and even diagonally, can get out of its mine. Let me remind you that symbols of dreams have a lot of meanings even for one person, and therefore sleep means differently for different people. What associations causes an elevator? Mechanism without a driver, lifting and descent, closed space, hanging on ropes, may fall; womb, trust, passivity; Moves according to the rules, mines, social elevator, children love to ride an elevator … The list can be continued. The more we remember the associations, the more complete we will be able to understand what the dream means.

Dreams about falling often dreams of those who experience the crisis of the middle of life. You may think that you have reached a career ceiling, and we fear that the social elevator, hitting the ceiling, will start falling. In the first half of life, we try to find our place in society, get a profession, create a family. But goals are achieved what to do next? It may seem that now we are waiting for only the way down. And it is important to remember that in the second half of life we ​​may have new goals: the disclosure of the potential of his personality, spiritual searches. The perspective of fall causes fear, and the dream is interrupted. But, waking up, we continue to be afraid. To get rid of fear and understand what sleep means, it is useful to watch it until the end. Most likely, you will find that the fall is not the only way. It is possible that it will slow down and turn into a flight, or over the elevator will open the parachute, or, as on the American slide, reaching the lower point, it sits again … Try to close your eyes in a safe atmosphere and imagine that the dream continues: what happens next? Such an exercise will help see unexpected possibilities.

The elevator movement is predictable, programmed – this may indicate the absence of freedom of choice. Maybe you limit yourself to your desires. Then the way is known to be in advance, it is not interesting to go on it. When the elevator breaks through the roof or moves in an unexpected direction, it breaks out of the prescribed boundaries. If even the mechanism seeks to gain freedom, what to talk about us, people? Perhaps this is a tip of your unconscious: there are other ways to move, new ways. Often we play the game "Yes, but …", when someone wants to help us find a way out of a narrow matrix of our delusions. We say: "Yes, this makes sense, but, unfortunately, I can’t do it". Then you need to break through the roof of your restrictions and understand that our consciousness has no boundaries ".

What does dream mean

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