What does dream mean “tsunami is coming to me”

What does sleep mean: "Tsunami is coming on me"

Wave flushing everything in its path – how to decrypt this image from sleep? Comment by the UNGIAN analyst Stanislav Raevsky.

Son Alla, 36 years old

"On a clear day I stand on the seashore, everything around is serene. Palms pegs over picturesque huts, children play on the beach, someone splashing at the shore, on the sun loungers tanned bodies … And suddenly I see how a huge wave rises in the sea and silently. It gets more and more. No one except me. What to do? Even if I start shouting and waving my hands, only those who are near, – and in any case, the wave is approaching so rapid that no one will have time to escape. And I just keep motionless to look at how the tsunami is coming ".


Water is life and death. In water life is born. But those who have already come to land, water can destroy. Europeans only recently began to perceive water as good; Beach, bathing, walks along the coast began to be associated with rest. Island as Paradise – Pretty Fresh Image in World Culture. Many nations, such as Indians, bury the dead in water. Dead sailors were thrown in the sea. Water felt fishermen, but also took them into their puchin. Our unconscious tolerates this threat even in fantasy about other worlds. In the film "InterSellar" on one of the distant planets a huge wave threatens astronauts.

But why the wave gives you exactly now? Psychologists often consider water as a symbol of unconscious. Wave-unconscious threatens to overlook your "I". And "I" can not do anything, he can only observe. This may mean that there were so many depressed emotions in the unconsciousness that they are ready to break through the dam of psychological protection and flood a peaceful picture of your life. But is it always bad? At the age of 35 and 45, we pass the crisis of the middle of life. At this time, our old "I" needs transformation. Then the truth is useless to resist the wave, which will destroy the old landscape and create a new. The old idea of ​​herself, his life and its sense at such a moment breaks down, falls apart. And in his place comes new. Washing all the wave – this is either a deep desire to wash away, so that a new life has come, or is the counterweight to the settings of consciousness, which is too tied to the current state and prevents change.

What does dream mean

In working with frightening dreams helps awareness. If you remember that this dream and wave is a generation of your mind, you will stop afraid and you can stop the wave or change what is happening. You can and reveal this fantasy, consistently remembering the event of a dream and intentionally affecting them. Sometimes it is important to watch sleep and see that there is no end, and only transformation and continuation.

Pay attention to how your "I" behaves. Are you passive in real life? Passivity in a dream can be explained in different ways: as the adoption of the inevitable, as a secret desire to destroy everything or as a reflection of passivity in real life, when we, feeling a threat, do nothing.

You saw a dream that you worry, puzzles or repeats? You still remember what dreamed you in childhood? Write about it in the heading "My Story". Stanislav Raja will try to decipher your dream.

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