What does homemade talk about you

What does homemade talk about you?

We are seriously approaching the choice of clothing for work or solemn events, but at home sometimes let yourself wear frankly untidy things. Meanwhile, the attitude towards himself is manifested precisely behind closed doors. As evidenced by things in which we walk at home?

What we’re causing you when the strangers do not see you? Stretched T-shirt? Bathrobe with an unproken spot? Torn jeans? Beautiful and comfortable home clothing – this is a question of respect for yourself and high self-esteem. If, passing by the mirror, you notice a shapeless figure in the old bathrobe, and lowering your eyes down, "admire" on the stopping slippers, it will definitely not give you confidence.

What you walk around the house can tell a lot about you.


Good, volumetric (terry or velor) bathrobe gives a feeling of comfort, warmth, security and transfers to the brain the "I am at home". A man in a bathrobe is relaxed and calm, he does not run anywhere and is not in a hurry. Change business suit on a bathrobe, coming home, – the best way to switch from a working mood to relax.

In this sense, it is more correct to choose a monophonic bathrobe of pleasant quiet colors – gentle-lilac or gentle pink, beige, burgundy. White color is not the right one, because such bathrobes can be associated with a hospital or hotel.

But a beautiful silk bathrobe, decorated with lace, not only adjusts to a romantic way, but also improves woman’s self-esteem. Such an outfit reflects her love for yourself and the desire to be beloved.

At the same time, the line between a bathrobe for relaxation and a bathrobe, which became part of the woman’s home life, very thin. At the time of the Soviet past bathrobs of any colors (as a rule, from Citz in a cheerful flower) were an integral object of wardrobe. They were worn over years, and the joy of buying a new thing was sometimes akin to joy from shopping dresses. Of course, in those days there were no other home clothes, so women in sports costumes (usually brought from abroad) were considered fashionable or criticized because they could afford to show the figure.

Important moment: Conduct a serious conversation with her husband or to engage in the education of a ridiculous child is better not in a bathrobe. He will not be taken by household seriously, since they are associated with "good mom", but not with a man configured to decide.


This activity and tone, the ability to emphasize a good form or remind yourself that you need to do the figure. T-shirt and legins of bright color will raise the mood on a cloudy day and give energy charge.

When choosing sports for home, you need to focus on the convenience, material and style, and not on sports characteristics, important for fitness classes. Home clothing in the sports style primarily should be easier, comfortable and pleasant to the body.


This is not only comfort and familiar casual wear, but also the way to express an active position: "I am ready to break right now and run on business".

T-shirt and home pants or pajamas

What does homemade talk about you

Today it is the main type of homemade women’s clothing. It allows you to express myself as the maximum possible way of ways. It can be:

  • Romantic set with ruffles of gentle pastel colors;
  • A bright color set with humorous inscriptions or cartoon heroes;
  • The set in the sport style, the most profitable emphasis on the figure;
  • The riot of paints and prints reflecting your inner state;
  • Summer set with light shorts or cozy set with warm trousers for winter;
  • Same sets for mother and daughter (Family Look).

Rules of home wardrobe

Home clothing must match the condition of the soul or create a certain mood. If you want to do sports and there is no internal motivator, buy a sports suit. Apathy because of bad weather and off-season? Put the bright T-shirt and Pants with Print. I want to say "I myself"? Wear jeans. Tired of being the "iron lady" at work? Put on home soft bathrobe.

What is unacceptable in homemade? First of all, untidy and strongly worn clothes. Everyone has favorite things that we are ready to carry over the years. But all of them have a sentence of socks. You need to be able to say goodbye to your favorite bathrobe, so that one day does not turn into the "ugly queen". If you have love with some home outfit at first glance, it is better to immediately buy two or three sets that you will wear a few years. These costs will pay off your well-kept home.

It is necessary to regularly sort out the home wardrobe, getting rid of torn, flown and stretched clothes. Critically consider each thing and answer questions:

  • Whether something left in it, except for convenience? Does she please you?
  • And most importantly – as you look in the eyes of households? Do you call respect and admiration?
  • What example you are submitting your daughter? What kind of sample woman is created by your son?
  • Who are you for a husband – a beautiful wife or "homemade worker"?
  • If you suddenly get the guests, will you be ashamed for your own kind?

Parting with favorite things and habits is a way out of the comfort zone. But without a good fabric, a new one does not appear. No wonder psychologists always recommend starting a new life, swaying with old things. Let them talk about and only about home clothes. Think exactly what state you want to emphasize or cause homemade things, and boldly embody your desires. Almost a third of your life we ​​spend at home, and let this life be bright, stylish and beautiful.

What does homemade talk about you

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