What does our shoes

What does our shoes

Sensuality and freedom, naturalness and comfort, confidence and commitment to diversity – Footwear reflects the values ​​of the modern woman. Just look at his feet!

It is impossible not to admit women and shoes – this is the whole story. The fair sex gives this accessory is so important that it often dictates the choice of clothes. Freud believed that the stop for the woman symbolically has the same value as that of the membe for men *. That is connected with the inner strength, confidence, ability to act, the desire to move forward.

With the help of our experts, we will try to lift the veil on the difficult, intriguing against women and their shoes and understand how tough shoes can coexist in one’s wardrobe with a sharp-nosed seed pans.

the edge of reality

"The foot – is the area of ​​contact with the world of our body, its material, terrestrial component, – says social psychologist Yulia Fedotova. – It is also the support of the whole body, from how well we feel "footing", depends balance physical and emotional balance ".

"Since the legs give us a support and relationship with reality, shoes – the vestments for the legs – the most accurately characterizes this reality itself, – adds Gestalt therapist Maria Andreeva. – Recall Cinderella: Crystal shill tie it with the reality of the princess. All other princess attributes disappear – only the shoe remains that subject that allows you to identify in it the princess. And thanks to which she remains a princess – in whatever clothes it is ".

It is possible that this magical property sometimes pushes women on the crazy deeds, encouraging to buy "crystal shoes", which will stand almost all the time in the closet.

Role symbol

Preferring one or other shoes, we choose the image, the character with whom it is currently correlated.

"Arguing about the symbolic senses of shoes, let us recall the three pairs of iron shoes that will have to expand the fabulous heroine to achieve their goal – comments Mary Andreev. – New shoes Gerda, who went to look for Kaya, magic shoes Girls Ellie … every new life task, changing the life path means shift shift ".

It remains fair both in real life: mastering new social roles, modern women adapt, adapt all kinds of men’s shoes to themselves – from army boots to boots.

Today, women share with men absolutely all areas of activity, all possible life paths, but, despite this, still preserved – exclusively for themselves – an impractical ballroom tuning on high heels.

Fragile and elegant

It is believed that heels visually lengthen the leg, visually reduce the foot, reinforcing the overall impression of the grain and fragility that meet our ideas about female beauty.

"In the era of long skirts, the legs were completely hidden and only the stoles of the feet were available to a male look, – states Julia Fedotov. – Hidden means intimate, intimate means desired ".

As a result, shoes are endowed with erotic meaning.

"It is impossible not to notice the fact that the Women’s Clothing itself is – be it Indian Sari, Japanese Kimono or a dress with Krnolin – for centuries, the freedom of movements, especially the legs and the bottom of the body, is noticed, – Maria Andreeva notes. – In patriarchal society, women prescribed a passivity that was inextricably linked with ideas about femininity ".

High heels literally do not give a woman soil for independence, broadcasting the need to be wearable in hands. "Studs are looking for a patron, they are embodied sex call," says Julia Fedotova. And this is with all the acquired female freedom.

Loss of femininity or symbol of independence?

"Recently, fashionable boots are greatly popular at fashionable, incredibly comfortable, – tells Rosaev Rosary, the owner of the conceptual store Cara&Co. – they can afford two radically opposite types of women. To the first one includes sexual, confident in themselves and their beauty "goddess" (or those who consider themselves such).

What does our shoes

They can afford some negligence, do not complex about growth, leg lengths, lack of sexual cloak of heels. Know how to play contrast. To the second – those whom nothing but convenience do not need and does not matter. ".

Beauty to the detriment of convenience. or vice versa?

Beautiful and comfortable

It seems that these two qualities are two opposite poles of our perception: beauty as an attribute of femininity, involving passivity, or practicality, rather associated with male qualities, activity. But between these poles – a huge field of opportunities for choosing, creating your own image.

"Correcting about shoes, we can detect several pairs of meanings, several opposition, – explains Julia Fedotov. – For example, "ease – gravity". The first one speaks not only about the desire for changes and impressions, but also about some superficiality (we think about the sound of the word "light-legged").

And the second – about the thirst for stability, the thoroughness ("heavy on the rise"). The pair "Open – Closed" indicates a degree of confidence in the world, willingness to impose himself to him or, on the contrary, hide. And finally, a pair of opposites, the existence of which many seems ridiculous: "Beauty is convenience". In meaning, she refers to the other – "extrovertness – introversion", that is, the focus inward or outward, the desire to appear (for others) or be (for oneself) ".

But maybe it is worth making a choice towards a variety? Having in its wardrobe, sharply boats, sexy sandals, leafers, Chelsea and comfortable moccasins, a woman can play all these meanings, arranging accents at their discretion and in accordance with the case. Without making a radical choice between beauty and convenience, but always feeling comfortable.

What is chosen in Russia

Perhaps, experts are considered the most interesting fact in terms of analysis and interpretation is that in modern Russia taste preferences in relation to shoes. In general, did not work out. "You can describe what shoes are worn in Germany, which prefers in Italy, Spain, which – in Kazakhstan or Belarus. In Russia, the shoes that are worn in Moscow are not buying in Kazan, and the habit of Novosibirsk ladies walk in winter in high heels causes some perplexity of Muscovites, "says Alexander Radd, Head of Advertising and Public Relations Ralf Ringer. – On the shoe market, this is explained by the specifics of the country: an extremely extended territory, many nations, different climatic conditions and T.D. But it is unlikely that everything can be explained only by geography. St. Petersburg and Moscow share several hundred kilometers, but the shoes in the capitals prefer differently different. There is another explanation: we only move from the Soviet consumption system to the civilized market, and today the nation has no formed value system. And accordingly, and some uniform taste for a number of product categories ".

In general, our women tend to sacrifice the convenience for the sake of the aesthetic advantages of high-heeled shoes. Probably, the peculiarities of such a "national choice" are obliged to our socialist past, the psychologist Maria Andreeva believes. "In Soviet times, women did not have any opportunities or the corresponding range. The remaining of the "Aesthetic Hunger" time is also inherent in those who were born in the postprokery period. This high popularity of heels contains a kind of "call to passivity", peculiar to patriarchal societies. And the further into the depths of the country, the farther from the center to the periphery – the one seems louder.

What does our shoes

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