What does psychotherapy make with us

What does psychotherapy make with us?

Unfortunately, the path to the magic country, where a person lives well with himself, it happens long and thorny. Many people are in power Dogm, since childhood learned from parents, school teachers and TV presenters. Strict principles dividing all phenomena of life to the right and wrong, good and bad, squeeze the human soul. The inner world turns into a music box with a given repertoire and a limited sound band. How many sounds, rhythms, timbres not involved! All improvisation remains outside such a box! Sadly, but sometimes people do not even think about the fact that you can live differently. They do not recognize that the desired blockade of life experience can be a problem for them.

But on the background of the usual melody, something loudly clicked. Maybe sounded a tagged word of a friend or a large family quarrel happened, and maybe a sudden illness. And it comes to understand that it is not necessary to continue to live, you need the help of a competent person. At this moment the most important – This is confidential contact. The success of the entire enterprise depends on the personality and qualifications of the person who is taken to open your music box, clean it mechanism, expand the melodic range. If, once deciding to turn to a psychotherapist, you remained unhappy, do not lower your hands: keep looking for your person with whom you will be warm and safe.

Wonderful duet

If contact is installed and a specialist knows what makes, a miracle will gradually begin to unfold. The client gets a completely new experience in life: he is heard, do not condemn for «indecent» Recognition, its feelings show sincere interest! For many people, it is so unusual to feel good curiosity in relation to themselves that one thing happens enough to change the views of the world and the world. Thanks to the skillful adoption by the psychotherapist, the client is gradually liberated and begins to investigate himself with interest, what cunning contradictions lived within it all the conscious life and how many emotions hides between the gear in his dusting bowl.

New wave

At first, the conversation about these contradictions and re-open feelings is given with difficulty. Much continues to seem shameful and abnormal, but there are already the softness and flexibility of judgments, in which a person can recognize that in some long ago accepted life decisions, volitional or unconscious, was wrong. Or, at least, will see that overgrown these old installations and is ready to try on a consciousness of a little larger size.

The ability of the therapist see the essence of the client and the deep bases of his personality helps a person to hear his own voice. But the music of the soul can sound and without clearly verified mechanisms in which we are packaged all your life. How much time it takes, it’s hard to say, because each person moves in its pace. Much depends on how often the sounds from the music box actually removed the sounds and how tightly it was spinning. Someone is enough for four or five sessions to discover long asleep experiences, and someone will come to revelations about themselves only after a year of regular meetings. To help yourself on this path, lead the records, make sketches – Let it be those knots for which you can track your own progress.

Symphony soul

What does psychotherapy make with us

Coming with time awareness that I can be wider, freer, brighter than before, inspires on these changes. At this stage of work, unexpected and sometimes inexplicable pieces of the inner world are beginning to break into liberty, as if in addition to the will of the client, but because more interesting. What else hiding all this time I have inside?

Simultaneously with this feeling of the possibilities of internal freedom, an understanding of responsibility for how person I can become. Only from the client depends, whether he will decide to transfer his discoveries and experience of unusual communication with a psychotherapist in his real life, which means whether it can actually change. Aerobatics – This is recognized that different melodies that sometimes are dissonant in my head, condemn each other and do not allow to take sound solutions, – that’s all I, different parts of me, and all of them for some reason are needed and help me in life.

Spacious for improvisation

Finally, the moment comes when all emotions client can express free. At the same time, no desires and fears are frightened and are represented only by individual notes of the soul polyphony. The body, feelings and thoughts are felt so acute that it is simply impossible to strain or infringe on the right and pleasant now.

A person makes decisions on the basis of what is really good for him, and not what he once taught him. He is able to see different options for what could be, and chooses the option, best answering the question «Who am I?». This state of the soul, fortunately, is not so rarely found. The image that is waiting for your o’clock for the sinus in a psychotherapist, – this is a person freely feeling and boldly expressing himself. When this long-awaited moment comes, the logical decision comes to completing work with a psychotherapist. With all that the client is waiting ahead, he is already able to handle himself.

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