What does the pategia of board games

What does the pategia of board games?

Table Games for Adults Surveys a real boom. Really, we fell together in childhood?

Essen is not the most famous from German cities. But for the rapidly growing army of the board games, this is a real paradise. Every year in the fall, International Exhibition of Desktop Games International Spieltage is held here, or just Spiel, collecting both players and publishers of games from around the world. This is one of the largest gaming festivals in the world.

This year, in four days, about 160,000 people visited Spiel. They were able to see and try more than 850 desktop, card and role-playing games, including the long-awaited version of "Magic: The Gathering". Initially, it was a popular card game released in 1993, in which players act as wizards fighting with each other. Now it is represented as a board game.

The festival ended the most large-scale playing tournament today. In honor of the 20-year anniversary of the game "The Settlers of Catan" at the same time they played about a thousand people.

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Board Games Market is experiencing an extraordinary lift today. According to the consulting company ISV2, its volume only in the United States and Canada is about 880 million dollars. His annual growth in the last five years is expressed by double digits, says the head of ISV2 Milton Gripp (Milton Griepp). At the festival in Essen, children’s games were presented, however, most of the board games are still adults. Today you can find games for every taste: from Fluxx, a frivolous card game, where the rules are changing throughout the party, to Power Grid, exclusively a cavern business game, where players act as oligarchs – Energy companies owners, or puzzles type hand drawn twilight imperium where you need to ensure the leadership of your civilization on the scale of the galaxy.

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Steve Bakmaster (Steve Buckmaster) from the British company Esdevium Games says that video games (especially mobile versions) not only do not distract people from desktop, but, on the contrary, expand the audience of players. The appearance of a computer version of the popular game only increases the sale of its desktop counterpart. The Internet helps players to arrange meetings and tournaments in real life, and the sites for crowdfunding type Kickstarter facilitate the start of the novice design designers. Those, in turn, increasingly involve computer technology in games. So, for example, in the X-COM, the desktop version of popular computer games, for alien enemies "plays" the application to the smartphone.

Meanwhile, traditional stores selling board games are adapted to the new situation: they organize tournaments and provide players with the opportunity to meet face to face who lacks online games. If earlier it was believed that fantasy and aliens are only interested in eccentrics and losers, now, on the background of the povered hobby of the "Game of Thrones" and the films about superheroes, this hobby fully fits into mainstream.

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What happens to millions of adults? Maybe the world has begun an infantilism epidemic? After all, it was even recently believed that the game is the lot of children, and the enthusiastic adult gave mockery. Many of us continue to think that all this is nonsense, pampering and waste of time.

With such an approach categorically disgraced Psychiatrist Stuart Brown, who dedicated life to the study of the game in the life of a person. Here is his opinion 1 .

What does the pategia of board games

1. "I collected and analyzed thousands of cases from the practice that I call" game stories ". And found that, perhaps, one of the key factors of a full-fledged human existence – to remember what game is, and make it part of everyday life. But the ability to play is necessary not only for happiness, but also to maintain social relations, creativity, creating innovation.
If this seems to you too bold statement, think about what would be like the world without a game. It would not be just a world without children’s games and sports. Life without a game is life without books, films, visual arts, music, drama. Imagine the world in which no one flirts does not dream, does not joke and does not raise. It would be a rather gloomy place. In a broad sense, the game is what raises people over the pricing of life. I sometimes compare it with oxygen – it is everywhere, but most often it is not noticed or not appreciated until they lose ".

2. "If we stop playing, then we share the fate of all animals that grow the game. Our behavior becomes fixed. We are not interested in new things. We find less opportunities to enjoy the world around. Stop playing, we stop developing ".

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3. "The game is the best tool of nature to create new neural networks and the permission of cognitive difficulties. The ability to create new models, find unusual in routine, light up in curiosity, notice the items – the state of the game contributes to everything.
When we play, dilemmas and complex tasks naturally filtered through our unconscious and allowed themselves. Quite often, people are returned after the game not only cheating, but with fresh ideas for work ".

4. "We are formed by playing and with its help develop and adapt to change. It is able to promote innovation and provide us with multi-billion status. But ultimately the most important aspect of the game is that it allows you to find deep connection with the best in us, and in other people. If your existence has become a desert, the game will revive him.
However, as Freud said, the main thing in life is love and work. But still the game goes beyond their limits, fills them with bright colors and stops the arrow of the time. Game – Purest Love Expression.
When a lot of people pronounces the well-deserved status of the game in our lives, the world will become better. ".

5. "Find the game that will feed your soul; Create an atmosphere, in which people will understand your needs; Excore in it and make sure that there is always enough game in life – it should be one of your priorities. ".

What does the pategia of board games

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