What does your sleep say 5 ways to find an answer

What does your dream talk about? 5 ways to find an answer

Sometimes we don’t remember them at all. It happens that only sensations, impressions remain after awakening. And some plots are crashed into memory for life, sometimes repeated and pursue us. How to solve the riddles of your dreams? Take advantage of these recommendations.

People quickly forget most of their dreams, and some do not remember them at all. If the dreams are so important, why we forget them? This is an important question for researchers.

Justice It is worth noting: often people still remember at least a few of their dreams. And these memories are distinguished by extraordinary clarity, liveliness and intensity. These dreams are literally impossible to forget – they are stored in memory all life. Even those who say that he does not remember, often still can recreate several especially bright dreams from childhood.

Swiss psychologist Carl Jung called such dreams "big" and believed that they differ from the usual who are quickly forgotten. Big dreams associate us with collective unconscious. Many people consider them their most mysterious, incomprehensible and significant experience in life.

Recent scientific research supports the main approach of Jung to the big dreams, and now we are much better understand their nature and function. According to these studies, especially memorable dreams usually include at least four major motifs:

  • aggression, expressing in a dream in pursuit, fight or quarrel, conflict;
  • Sexuality, expressing in the desire, romantic or family relationship;
  • gravity expressing in falling, entropy, death;
  • What does your sleep say 5 ways to find an answer
  • Mysticism, expressing in flights, resurrection, beauty.

The dreams of each person have unique qualities characteristic of its individual life circumstances. To understand yourself and intensify your dream imagination, treat your big dreams, the psychologist and researcher of the dreams Dr. Kelly Balkley advises.

Try to remember the brightest and memorable dreams that you have seen in life. Perhaps even you remember only one. This is your big sleep. It reflects the unusually powerful manifestation of your creative depths.

1. Write down this dream in the diary in the present time in detail how much remember. Give him the name. Separately write your associations, memories and comments related to it. Re-read the written time from time to time and add your thoughts if they appear.

2. Draw images from sleep or make a collage of clipping logs. Try to create a sleep space map or a diagram describing how events unfolded. If it seems to you that some coincidences, synchronicities and random meetings in reality are connected with sleep, pay special attention to them.

3. Learn poems, stories, myths, movies and television programs related to themes from your sleep. Share with someone who you really trust. Ask him, whether he has ever a particularly memorable sleep.

4. Experiment with playing, the incarnation of sleep reveal – in public or with loved ones, alone or in the company. The main thing is to bring a dream to the pledge so that its energies become part of reality, and thus transform it.

5. Pay special attention to your other dreams in which similar images and topics are found.

Try something from the above, and you will see how your dreams will begin to answer you.

What does your sleep say 5 ways to find an answer

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