What exactly does not need to do if you learned that my husband has a mistress

What exactly does not need to do if you learned that my husband has a mistress

When a woman finds out that she had an opponent, the first thought: how to get rid of her husband’s mistress forever? Often, in such a situation, persuasion, the call for common sense is meaningless. Try to approach the question on the other hand. Find benefits for yourself and do not go to the level of a hysterical woman, be wiser. Your emotions and pain are clear, but it is important to stop and first ask yourself questions, what I really want that I will give it?

You do not need to try to figure out the relationship with your mistress, arrange scandals and try to threaten. This will not solve the problem that arose between you and partner. The difference in the focus of your attention – it can be focused on the mistress, and you can send to a man and to find a problem that led to treason.

Wise questions to her husband

I propose questions that will help you understand each other, find out the reasons for treason and combine you. Specify their man if you want to eliminate problems in relationships and try to stay together:

  • That this connection meant for you?
  • It happened by chance or you planned it?
  • Did you have sex or we need to go to the doctor?
  • What exactly does not need to do if you learned that my husband has a mistress
  • What did you like to go home after that?
  • What did you feel there, which was not with me?
  • Do you think that expensive forgiveness?
  • You are glad that everything has revealed, or wanted to hide it?

Do not allow scandals, Calm down and be prudent.

Do not beg it Stop and stay. Do not allow self-esteem. If you are humiliated, do not count on a prosperous outcome.

Take revenge love, It only contributes to the appearance of a sense of disgust with a partner.

Try to honestly answer yourself To the question: "Does the mistress prevent you from living?". Break the head and try to figure out why she appeared, not worth. If it appeared, then there are reasons for.

Do not pass goodbye to betray. This gives the perpetrator to repeat betrayal. Subconsciously will understand that you are ready to accept it after betrayal, which means they are not ready to let go and never be able to do this.

Stop your care. It is necessary to openly declare that for forgiveness will have to try hard.

And the most important thing, Do not try to find protection in the face of girlfriends or parents. Do not talk about the adventures of the husband. Find out the relationship exclusively.

If the problem of the love triangle overtook, now you know what you need to do to get out of it in the best way, and maybe you save marriage. Using these tips, you can not only eliminate the mistress without applying physical or moral damage to it, but also to establish relationships with a man.

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