What happens in the head of a pedophile

What happens in the head of a pedophile?

Swedish researchers report the creation of a drug that will help those who suffer from pedophilia. How does this disorder arise and what prospects for the new drug?

Pedophilia (sexual attraction for children) is a serious problem not only for society, but also for those who are subject to her. In the news from time to time, stories related to the rape of children appear. But most pedophiles never decide to embody their fantasies. Nevertheless, their attraction gives them huge suffering. What still makes pedophile pedophile? And is it possible to help such people?

How man becomes a pedophile?

What does it make such – biological disorders or mental development deviations? It’s hard to separate one of the other.

Indeed, many pedophiles in childhood themselves were victims of sexual action on the part of other people: obscene touches, "games" with erotic subtext, rape. Among those who were evident in pedoophilic behavior, such an experience was about 30%. A little less those who diagnosed mental retardation (15% of cases). Such a person tends to look for a partner with the level of emotional maturity close to his own. With him he feels comfortable and confident.

The impact of the environment, education and early impressions also affects the formation of a pedoophilic orientation. Classic psyche disorders (schizophrenia, manic-depressive psychosis) accompany such behavior only in 4% of all cases. In the last cases, with proper treatment, the disease can be copped with violations of sexual behavior.

In very rare cases, the trigger is a neurological impairment (as, for example, early dementia) or brain injury. It is also interesting that among the pedophiles, the absolute majority – Men. Cases of pedophilia in women while studied very poorly.

Abnormalities of the brain

What happens in the head of a pedophile

Recently, Neurobiologist James Kantor from Toronta University (Canada) discovered a special brain anomaly, which met half of men with a tendency to pedophilia. We are talking about a reduced volume of white substance in frontal and parietal.

As explained by the authors, the fibers of the white matter associate the brain zones involved in sexual behavior. First of all, these are zones in which visual images are formed, and the frontal shares that are responsible for self-controlling. If the relationship between these areas is weak, the risk of unacceptable behavior increases.

Another candidate for the role of the main villain (or the main victim) is the almond-shaped body. It is responsible for sexual motivation, that is, it determines whether our attraction causes one or another object or person.

Scientists from Magdeburg University (Germany) found that pedophiles with various options for orientation (hetero-, homo- and bisexual) the size of the almond was less than the norm. Researchers suggest that this violation could arise early, in the process of brain development, in the womb or in immediate after birth, and further lead to violations in hormonal exchange and change behavior.

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