What has grown – it has grown “why our cute children turn into untidy teens

"What has grown – that has grown": why our cute children turn into untidy teenagers

He doesn’t wash his head for a week, then it smells later, and black nails are almost the same long as mom. Why they so casually belong to their appearance? How to explain the teenager that you need to care for yourself that he is no longer a baby and now hygiene requires more time? We understand with the psychologist Julia Shchukina.

Of course, not all teenagers will definitely smell with dirty socks, the eyes are engaged by untidy lohmas, do not wash the pimp face and do not change T-shirts for months. But if it is your "Baby" that turned into an untidy teenager – it’s time to figure out what it is worth it and how to be.

Who am I and how smell?

Why do teenagers, especially at the very beginning of Pubertata, from 13 years old, sometimes forget about how they look, and even as if they do not want to care for themselves?

The reason is that they still do not understand until the end that they grow that the body is changing and they are no longer small, from which it always smells a nice. And not so easy to get used in the new body.

"In first place you can put a physiological aspect. The body changes very strongly, hormones are actively produced, the brain continues to be formed, not all in his work is agreed. These changes are unusual, – the psychologist Julia Shchukina notes. – For a teenager can be strange and it is not clear that it has grown here, why the hands became longer, some kind of funny vegetation on the face and other. The body begins to smell differently, and it is not always noticeable immediately. Teenager may not know that this smell is his own, that all this together – now his body. As if you need to meet anew ".

But it’s not just clean. Sometimes the child does not notice that he has dirty clothes, that it is time to change the underwear or on a t-shirt spot. Perhaps he just does not understand that the concern for appearance should be his responsibility.

What has grown - it has grown

"For an adult, it is obvious that purity and tidy is necessary, the teenager does not always hold it in the head, – explains the expert. – Teenager forgets that it is worth checking if there are no stains, whether pants or shirt are stroked. What underwear should be changed with certain periodicity ".

In addition, it is impossible not to be taken into account: in the adolescence, a person seeks to prove that he has the right to his space, its territory, his views. Unduxury can be a manifestation of such a struggle for the self, beyond the boundaries.

"Important and psychological aspect. Disorder can be the most affordable way to defend some rights to personal territory. In your room it is important to feel like a master as in Berorga, like in bomb shelter, so that others do not invade.

Raskidny things or some smell – a signal for adults or other people: "Do not enter, this is my territory". And if it is clean here for mom, it will already be less than my territory, I’m not so safe here, comfortable. It is not always realized and broadcast directly. ".

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