What helped me survive a divorce with my husband

What helped me survive a divorce with my husband

Divorce – always not easy. What gives people strength to this difficult period? Sometimes these are simple things – song, painting, culinary recipe. But they acquire a deep meaning. Trish Summer is divided by his story, which at first had to live with her daughter for one dollar a day.


Miley Cyrus forced me to cry every morning. Daughter went to kindergarten when my marriage began to crack on the seam. Every morning I took her to the kindergarten, and she, bouncing in the back seat, sank a song to the film "Hanna Montana", while I am ahead, clutching in the steering wheel, silently dropped tears. When your nerves become so fragile that pops for teenage brings you to tears, it is difficult to stay and do not regret ourselves.

I, of course, soon switched to more serious music of the Barenked Ladies group. Not that this was a conscious choice – this disc just for some time literally flew through the cabin of the car under my feet, and I raised him. Ended in that I listened to his months. For several years, I met and began to meet with a guy who played the guitar. The first two songs that he played for me was exactly from this album. He did not know. And I just sat and could not come to my senses – how he chose exactly the songs that I listened to the most difficult period of my life?


What helped me survive a divorce with my husband

Guys, I was so poor after divorced. Shopping in a vegetable shop on the dollar – it was my format. The house where I lived with my daughter (my townhouse-single, as I called him), was furnished and decorated with things that someone gave me or gave me. Or what I bought in the store Goodwill for a dollar or two.

Once I saw a picture that I really liked: a man and a woman in evening dresses are dancing a ball dance in the rain, and their servant and maid keep the umbrellas over them. I liked the picture and liked the frame, in which she was identified. What I did not like: she cost 10 dollars. I could not spend 10 dollars anything at all, including my clothes (which was also mostly from the store Goodwill). It seemed to the recklessness to spend such money on the thing that had only one practical value – fill out a free space on the wall. But looking at her, I wanted to smile. Having experienced a huge sense of guilt, I still counted these ten dollars and hung a picture of the house in the lobby.

But you know what? Remember, I told you about that guy who sang my favorite band songs? When he sang them, he sat in accuracy under this very picture, only she hung in his own living room. He also had this picture! And you can laugh, but this guy is now my fiance. Thank God, he did not sing to me then the songs of Miley Cyrus – then, perhaps, everything would turn out completely differently!

What helped me survive a divorce with my husband

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