What hide our hair

What hide our hair?

Having finished relationships, women are in a hurry to change the hairstyle. Psychologists believe that this is not always a conscious choice can tell a lot about our character or lifestyle. What is the reason for the desire to update the haircut or hair color, when changes occur in our life? And how our image affects the opinion of others about our personal qualities?

Hair allow us to express yourself, change, stand out or, on the contrary, invisible. You have never thought, why, having survived a break with your loved ones, many women will hate? "So they are trying to get rid of the femininity attribute, which led them to suffering," says Psychotherapist Gloria Rossi. But not everything is so simple. It is known that all experiences and illness are reflected on the hair rod.

In this sense, you can compare with a tree trunk, in which the year of life is marked in circles. And the worse there was this year, the thinner the circle. It was the analysis of Napoleon’s hair that helped scientists to prove that he was poisoned by arsenic.

On our hair affects periods of stress and happiness, improper and full nutrition, other circumstances of life. Therefore, at the end of the difficult stage, many will short. This is a desire to get rid of the shipment of memories, "cut off" unpleasant information along with hair.

Hairstyle as a catalyst for change

The desire to change the length or the color of the hair does not always occur as a result of the tragedy. "We believe that since itselves can change so quickly, then we’ll take the control of the control easily," explains Psychoanalyst Isabelle Kolite. Trying on another image, girls and women feel more confident.

And the new hairstyle may emphasize the edges of the character, which before that remained in the shadows! A skilled master knows how to make a client more feminine, strict or, on the contrary, frivolous. A good result will give not only joy, but also a feeling of harmony. And vice versa when the expectations are not justified, it can reduce self-esteem. Therefore, we are so insistently looking for "their" master.

Hair and age

On the first experiments with hair we are solved in youth. And most often they are "with a busting": radical colors, dreadlocks. Usually the rebellion ends when creating career build questions on the fore. For those who have long retained the teenagers, difficulties in professional and personal life may arise.

By 30 years, many girls come to a shade of a blond, which pursues and looks feminine. But in 50-60 years, blond hair, on the contrary, emphasize the imperfections of the skin and wrinkles. Another error – Istivo painted with one tone. From nature, the tint of strands is heterogeneous, so that one color looks flat and artificially. It is better to choose natural, multifaceted tones and trust staining professionals.

What hide our hair

Perception of others

Hair affects not only our self-treatment, but also on how they see others. Those who offer forehead, combing her hair back, seem confident in themselves and purposeful. Skit sample on the left speaks about the desire to dare his femininity. The sample in the middle reflects the inner desire to balance between Yin and Yang (male and female beginnings).

Bright shades of strands in men involuntarily cause both attention and rejection, suspected hypocrisy or cunning. Curly girls seem to be frivolous those who have straight hair.

Thus, 35-year-old Christina, the owner of golden curls, says that it has not been promoted for many years by service. She got a cherished position only when straightened and painted her hair. "I was unhappy, and friends said that I began to look older. But a week later I was made by the head of the lending department in our bank. Apparently, before that I seemed to the leadership of non-serious special ".

Changing the hairstyle, we not only change our lives for the better, but also slightly manipulate the opinion of others. Lovely reason sign up in the salon, buy an advanced care agent or at least a fashionable hairpin.

What hide our hair

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