What I want and what i love. “

"What I want and what I love. "

Not afraid of anything, lose weight and build a children’s hospice … When the Nyuta Federmeser, the founder and the President of the Characteristic Foundation for Hospitage Hospitage "Vera" appeared free time, we suddenly learned what she dreams about.

"For the first time in many or many days I did not need to get up at 7 am. It became possible to calmly, without panic sit next to the children, talk to her husband … My favorite children know: Mom loves to sleep, silence, eat, flowers. Sleep always in the first place. Always sleep in the first place alas. But if you suddenly succeed, it wakes up a lot of desires at once, it’s enough for one hundred lives. To have time to at least 10% of everything I want.

1. Back to teaching (I was recently in RGGU, I love students, ready to teach English, ethics of communication in medicine, teach volunteers, I can teach some kind of housekeeping and still all, I love students and children 13+).

2. Move the transfer about charity and different socially significant projects.

3. Lose weight by 10 kg.

4. Build a children’s hospice so that it is the best hospice for children, like the first Moscow for adults. But here my role is a hundred times less than the role of Lida Moniava. She is the soul of the hospice, and I – the rear.

5. To organize such a school on the preparation of satieties, which would form in society an idea of ​​high-quality care for severe patients, children and adults; school that could supply their feders in the family and in hospices, in the house of mercy and nursing homes.

6. To bring such an order in the Faith Foundation so that everything worked like a clock, but here you already have Julia Matveyev, and I hope she will cope.

7. Open a small family-type hotel, such that the manager knows which sheets like a visitor, what script should be for breakfast, to recognize which mood at the guest before he sacron himself in his feelings.

eight. Not afraid of anything.

nine. Have time on family and children and do not swear on them, but to buzz with them.

ten. Live there, where more sun, but at the same time – live here.

eleven. To achieve that if someone hurts to get harder does not hurt, regardless of who, where, when and on what day of the week and the time of day it hurts. Just rrolraz – and it does not hurt.

12. So that all doctors were beautiful, trained, professional, merciful, as in our hospice, so that they are not afraid to contact them, otherwise you go, as in the police, and good everything will alternate two hands on the fingers.

13. So that about the anesthesia and dying, and about the fact that a person has to experience, if it hurts and die, – all doctors would know, and not only the hospice.

fourteen. In order for the Wall Mother’s Hospice, I would have remained impregnated with it.

15. I want to cook as tasty and easy as Zina nanny.

What I want and what i love.

16. To make a lot of people on a sweet day and we would collected money.

17. Well, in general, so that the Faith Fund would easily manage to attract, and it is very stressful all the time to be in shortage.

eighteen. I want to be a lucky witch to all who in the fund or in the hospice are unseasoned, they would love and caught.

19. I want dad to never.

twenty. I want me to somehow come home, and there you are sitting at the table all those who have not been sitting with me at the table: Grandma, Mom, and. so much can write names here.

21. I can list a long time, what I want, if I don’t want to sleep. But I want to sleep almost always.

Sweet day – a charitable family holiday that traditionally holds the Hospit Care Fund. This year in the program. The current city for children, quests, master classes for adults, creative meeting with Alexander Filippenko, and for dessert – sweets from the best pastry shops, cafes and restaurants in Moscow. The holiday will take place on one of the largest interactive sites for children, in the city of Masters Masterslavl, Moscow-City. The money collected will go to support children and adolescents with incurable diseases.

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