What is detox three programs and one result

What is a detox? Three programs and one result

For a long time, hearing the word "Detox", I assumed that this is something like a diet. And my weight is so below the norm, because I was not particularly interested. Oddly enough, that Detox is a program to purify the body that restores its natural forces, I told me … The veterinarian of our dogs, recommended to them to go through such a course. He painted him so tempting that it was decided to immediately try this superheod. On myself.

Detox No. 1. Female, with American Coach

This option advised me a girlfriend. It turned out (but I did not check) that the female organism "suffers" from estrogen, under the influence of which yeast bacteria breed. As a result – overweight, irritability, fatigue, skin problems. In addition to the standard exceptions for three weeks of detox: alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, flour, milk and any "heavy" food, it was impossible to eat nuts and fruits. The fact that the diet turned out to be incredibly scarce – not to say anything: the coach relied on avocado and goat cheese products, which we don’t find the day with fire, and I refused to hear that I am not a vegetarian and fish with chicken for 8 years.

Fasten the heart, no protein survive I could. It was really hard to be without fruits, baking and a variety of desserts (I sweet tooth). You also mandatory daily yoga, running and diary of sensations (quickly abandoned, because nothing really new I have experienced).

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During the detox, the duration of sleep has increased (he slept around nine hours, although it usually grabs seven) and the amount of free time has declined sharply, because it was required 6 times a day, not counting snacks. I woke up, I immediately started to clean vegetables, squeeze juice from vegetables, cook vegetables, stew vegetables, remove vegetables, run to the store behind fresh vegetables, and again in a circle.

The result was three dropped kilograms (for me it is rather a negative result) and resistant reluctance to see vegetables. Of the advantages – my very dry skin has become much more alive and healthy, as well as the consumption of sweet, even two years later, after passing the course, I did not return to the former number of eaten cakes.

Detox number 2. Syroedic

Six months after the first experience, I accidentally came across a description of the detox-program for raw foods on the Internet. Why not try? It was always interesting what it was – there is only fresh. Especially pleased that they don’t have to cook much. The essence was to drink various juices twice a day and four times there are salads, fruits and uncomplicated dishes without heat treatment. It was also assumed to make wraps and masks from the same fruits, to do yoga, pranayama and carry light into the world ..

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What is detox three programs and one result

I do not know whether it is connected with the magic effect of raw food or is still due to the fact that I was constantly required to be distracted from the feeling of hunger, but I became energetic several times. I had to borrow something all the time so as not to think that my stomach is about to eat myself and hurts for neighboring organs. The program it was written that with a strong feeling of hunger, you can eat a finic or banana. On the third day I could not see neither the first nor the second, but the hunger did not disappear anywhere even in a dream.

I admit honestly – I only had enough for two weeks from the estimated three. It was useful for the discovery for himself several new interesting dishes and awareness of what the raw food is good only in warm countries, and not here, where there are three fruits, four vegetables, on the street Lyuti cold and nowhere without hot soup … everything is subjective, of course.

Detox number 3. Group Ayurvedic

My friend gained a small group of those who want (from friends). I like the way she looks in its 45, her worldship and life principles. Therefore, I fearlessly discharged for detox for the third time.

There was an early spring, and we were recommended by Indian dishes, various roots, many nuts for vegetarians (or fish for everyone else), as well as several copyright dishes. Drinking was required constantly – herbal teas with spices. Also required Vitamins, Ayurvedic preparations, yoga, meditation, self-massage and warm baths with oils. Every day it was necessary to discuss with other participants of the group, help each other and inspire. Perhaps it was the most difficult.

It seemed that some women were just bored, and they created topics for discussion every minute. As a result, it was very difficult to find a nutrition plan on the next day and recommendations from Couch among the endless flow of posts and messages. If I turned off the notification, I received a claim that I do not participate in the life of the group. It was strange.

What is detox three programs and one result

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