What is the dejava effect and why he arises

What is the dejava effect and why he arises

97% of people at least once in their life experienced an inexplicable state, whose name "dejavu". Few of them can give an intelligible explanation for this phenomenon, because it happens on the subconscious level.

Moreover, even scientists who are not the first year studying this phenomenon cannot come to a single opinion, so several hypotheses are put forward at the same time.

What provokes the appearance of deja vu, how can it be explained and to deal.

What is it and how it is felt

That is, the effect of dejasu is a feeling that what is happening at the moment, the person has already experienced. The duration of this state is short, but 10 seconds are enough in order to face such a phenomenon, remember it for life.

Feeling dejasu every person is experiencing in different ways. In some cases, in these moments there may be a sense of anxiety, confusion, fear, in others – this is certain peace, confidence in what is happening.

In the period when such a phenomenon occurs, it is often possible to encounter a change in perception. All this, again, happens individually, for example, one person at such moments sees everything around himself with muddy and blurred, the other and the same way appears sensitivity to sound, color perception.

A person is quite difficult to understand and even more so explain in his own words what a dejum is, and why it arises, besides, it often contributes to the appearance of fear of fear. This phenomenon does not give rest to humanity, including scientists who make efforts in order to shed light on this story.

How does the person manage to see what happens to him in the future, to experience these moments in advance, and in some cases even predict how further events will develop in a real situation and to deal.

Possible causes of appearance

Having determined what it is, you can begin to study why the deja vu appears. This is recommended to consider the following 5 theories, after studying which, there should be no questions.

The reasons for which deja will occur:

    Failure in the relationships of consciousness and subconscious.

According to this reason, the human subconscious contains a huge flow of information, experiences, images. In short, in the subconscious, everything is that for many reasons can not be saved in consciousness.

In a person who produced in a particular situation, there is a feeling that it has already happened for the reason that the unconscious images coincide with what is happening.

Most of the scientists are inclined to this theory, which explains why deja vu arises. According to her, this feeling arises when a person is in real life in a situation that has already been experienced in the dreams. It may be a small fragment that coincides with reality. Why it happens?

The fact is that during sleep, the brain is capable of involuntary modeling of situations that are perceived by a person as a dream. And considering what they are based on real experiences, emotions and thoughts of a person who at a certain point are important for him, in dreams often we see what, one way or another, is related to reality.

The prerequisite for determining this reason is a certain failure that affects the speed of visual information is entered into the brain and processed. In fact, explain this situation just enough.

For example, a person faces something new for himself. To begin with, he considers a novelty, then carefully studies it. As a result, recognizing information enters the brain and processed, compared with the existing and recorded.

If at this moment fails, which was mentioned earlier, the information entered into the brain can be recorded, read and perceived at the same time. The consequence of this is a dejum.

Explain this cause easily on the example of all the favorite character of the Shurik, which during the preparation for the exam, was so passionate about the study of the material that absolutely nothing around did not notice.

What is the dejava effect and why he arises

That is how he found himself visiting a stranger, which was also enthusiastic examination. But, being visiting a second time, he experienced a dejum. In real life occurs in the same way.

Without noticing some things by ignoring situations, they are remembered and postponed in memory, since the brain does not choose what information to accumulate. Faced with that phenomenon, which was not paid, but the information in the brain is contained, in a person and there is a deja.

Without this hypothesis, it is difficult to do without this, because people like fantastic and mystical stories so much. For this reason, it has the right to exist. Two assumptions are particularly popular than it is a phenomenon like a dejavu and for what reason it happens.

According to the first assumption after death, the soul does not die together with the body, but finds life in another shell. It is with this that his supporters associate the emergence of a deja. In their opinion, dejaul, nothing else, as a memory of the past life.

All these hypotheses have a chance to exist, as it was not possible to determine the exact reason that provokes the appearance of this strange phenomenon today.

Who faces this phenomenon

As mentioned earlier, a very large percentage of people can overtake the feeling of deja. But, scientists, having conducted a small study, determined 2 age groups of people, which are more prone to him:

    17 – 18 years. This category includes teenagers who, in the opinion of scientists, during this period are rebuilt for adult thinking, other perception of things. It is at this age that their increased sensitivity to what is happening around.

Selected age categories of people are most often encountered with a studied phenomenon. But, this does not mean that at the other age a person can not experience him. Cancel the feeling of deja vu can even a child at an early age, at that time when consciousness begins to develop and reaches due. As a rule, it happens not earlier than 8 years old, but do not forget that in the development of all children are individual.

From the stated material, we can conclude that dejahu – it is quite a normal phenomenon, with which almost every inhabitant of the planet is facing. It may occur at any time when the signal will go to the brain. As for determining the reasons for its appearance, there is no clear answer here.

But there are 5 hypotheses that are more allowed to understand the background of the appearance of the deja. Of these, you can choose the one that is more consistent with a certain worldview.

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