What series we are ready to look to final titles

What series we are ready to look to final titles

IVI online cinema specialists found out which series can capture us for 24 hours a day, and what are we ready to throw after the first series.

Most of the serials loses the audience after the first series – only 63% of the audience passes to view the second on average, and until the end, the series is only a third. Involvement usually happens smoothly: between viewing the first and second episodes, it takes a little more than two days, between the second and third – less than a day, and then the break is gradually decreasing.

The leaders in seizing the attention of the audience IVI became "Sherlock" – 91% of those continued to watch the series after the first series, "Friends" – 88%, "in all serious" and "Fargo" – 86%, "The Theory of the Big Explosion" and "Wild West Theory "- 85%. From the our TV series to break away from the screen to the final titer, the audience do not give comedies "Girls do not surrender", "psychologies", and on revisions are leading criminal dramas and detective stories of "Secrets of the investigation", "Izacha", "Karpov".

Based on user data, the service has revealed that the viewers more often inspect until the end of short series (up to 10 episodes in the season), such as the "maid story", "Tabo", "Apartment", "Young Dad", "Good struggle". For example, on the November holidays, the final season of the political drama "Cardhouse", and 10% of the audience of the series "swallowed" by his salvo, looked at all eight episodes in one day.

But part of the audience loves long Sitters with a lot of episodes in the season (up to 25), which distinguishes a good humor and a short timing of each series. The longest "daily marathon" lasted 21 hours – during this time, the user IVI looked at 63 series "Friends". In second place among the finalists of the "Cooker viewing" – the American Sitter "Theory of the Big Explosion". To these TV shows, viewers are ready to return again and again, revising the entire seasons or a series of separately.

What series we are ready to look to final titles

The most involuntary genres, according to IVI, became Sitkoms, detectives and fiction – on average, 30% of users of the service is allowed to. Weak addiction causes measured historical series and dramas – more than half of the audience throws them after the first series. However, finished the first season, only 5% of the audience is ready to refuse to further view.

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