What to do if you reached the state that I don’t want anything

What to do if you reached the state that I don’t want anything?

There is such a type of customer who either thinks unrestrained, does, and then lies and does not want anything. And it is from one extreme to another: from the syndrome of the missed benefit to hermitage, when they are ready to refuse all the world’s world. Everything, I do not need anything. I do not want anything. They roam through this hard way and can not find their own way, their golden middle. For some reason, they decided that a person is a creature of the All-industrialist and necessarily everything should be able to. Here they are dirty, and then exhale and fall.

Man is a creature having very big restrictions. It is impossible to be perfect in everything. To understand this, it is enough to study the biographies of great people. It turns out that they are not so great. Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe, Kennedy, Yeltsin, Natalia Vodyanova. Everything is good in something, something is not at all. And it is important to accept this in yourself and not scold yourself for it. But we will return to this later, as well as the history of the origin of the syndrome.

There are several options as you could get this attack, differently and you won’t call.

  • I’ve been waiting for a lot from you and you constantly spoke about it.
  • One of the parents constantly expressed claims towards another. For example, your mom all the time saw dad person or with you, but without him.
  • Someone from adults criticized someone in absentia. I mean gossip in the kitchen. It could be a conversation and politics or local home management.
  • You saw how someone else’s mom scolds his son, and it was very impressed with you.

Somewhere in childhood you grabbed the introject or an intruded experience that you surprised you that you remember it. How exactly and what I remember, unknown. In general, it can be a tangle from various stories imposed on one to another. To deal and change your behavior, you will have to sweat and pull out all the memories. In therapy, this very well see customers when they carefully follow the process. Come and say: "Well, now I can so with my neighbor, but I can’t get with the best friend". So you need to look for the following thread and pull it.

What to do when you reached the state that I don’t want anything?

What to do if you reached the state that I don't want anything

1. Allow yourself nothing to do

You may be tired and you need rest. If your schedule does not have islets of rest every day, then sooner or later your body will be laid. Better go to bed yourself, warning your need.

2. Stop looking in social networks who reached

All success stories slightly embellish. This is a standard marketing stroke. Need to sell, it means you need to make beautiful and tasty, add a perchnow. Looking through other people’s stories, you not only spend your time, but also strengthen your inner alarm.

3. Figure out why you fuss so much?

For what? To ensure the reliability of tomorrow? Decent old age? Make a feeling of self-esteem? Determine for yourself and check how much the desired fruits will bring. It happens that people who fantasize with decent old age miss the present. As a result, they have no old age, no memories.

4. Understand that you are not satisfied now in your life?

Why do you drive yourself and bring to burnout?

Draw a line. The beginning is the state of "homeless", the end of the line is the biggest your fantasy about yourself. Put the mark on the line where you are now on these two points. Analyze what happened.

As a rule, people do not want to come to the state of "Nothing", people who have consisted and having a decent position in society. But internal discontent leads them to the fact that the body begins to resist and refuses to do. Try to lie down and listen to your body. According to whether it is with the mark that you put on the line? How does it feel? What pose seeks to take? Let him do it and watch. Watch yourself in this posture. Watch until your body wants to go to a new pose.

We have a head and body. It is worth spending time to find a way to make friends. Otherwise, you will constantly go from the situation when the head makes the body work without stopping, in a situation where the body turns out itself. Learn to listen to your feelings, feelings, and you will learn to live in the Golden Middle. And it may be far from what is fashionable and massively encouraged.

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