What to read on vacation

What to read on vacation?

Laugh and dream, solve the mystery, evaluate the irony, enjoy the plot and style. Five books of different genres in our book review.

"The Secret of the our Camembert" Ksenia Dragun

Gentle comedy Ksenia Dragunskaya stories – love at first sight. They enter them as in the water, in one fell, swallowing air, and, nullify, dive into another. Characters, as if casual – Moscow neighbors, acquaintances and colleagues – can shuffled with Chicags as coins in a traveler wallet; The time of 2010 can rush in the 80s and back inside one paragraph; humor, hugging and gentle, can be black, and then not at all humor. The heroes of a small comedy about our Camembert, without any reasons, suffer from an inexplicable our longing, but the author (unlike Chekhov) is not angry – it dies and teases. Ideally read with an apple and plaid in a summer rainy day.

Elena Shubina, 352 with., 2015.

"Eliksire of Love" Erica Emmanuel Schmitt

Erotica Is it possible to be friends after a stormy novel, return the passion and restore the exhausted relationship? Louise and Adam broke up, but refuse to accept it – in habit or by love? How to make a choice if, like Alexander, do not know who to choose? Women are inexhaustible to store cunning and stubbornness; Is this good or bad? French writer and playwright Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt offers two options for answers to the story and play, which entered a new book – both answers witty and mischievous.

Translation from French Anna Efremova, Alexander Brailovsky. Alphabet, 192 with., 2015.

"Mystery of Pigeon Cake" Julia Stewart

DETECTIVE Pure English detective, made with a purely English humor, where the arrows of irony fly in the tradition of purely English detectives, and at the same time in other traditions of Victorian England. Briton Julia Stuart passionately wishes her Highness Alexandrine, daughters of the late Maharaja and the heir of his non-payment debts, take a suspicion of his maid and solve the killing of General Bangshota in Hempton Corte (the former residence of English monarchs). In addition to the poisoning of arsenic, there will be a funeral on elephants and castle ghosts, soot with milk as an ideal means from the hangover and a bunch of sentimental love stories, Heppi-and and two elegant jokes on the line. Books similar thin delights are addressed to the reader with a good taste and sense of humor, but this has become a bestseller: amazing and gratifying.

Translation from English Mikhail Abushik. Alphabet, 416 with., 2015.

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"From the sky, three apples fell" Narine Abgaryan

What to read on vacation

NOSTALGIA Narine Abgaryan, laureate of the "Manuscript of the Year" and the Children’s "Nose", writes prose for children and adults, for children – serious, for adults – fabulous, magical, piercing, based on the stories of her childhood. Her new novel – about the mountain village in Armenia, quiet life and strange, funny, touching and beautiful residents – filled with light, almost Pushkin sorrow, where light is significantly more.

AST, 319 with., 2015.

"Reader" Fields of Furnel

IRONY Honorovsky Laureate Paul Furnel wrote a small, very funny and easy novel about the chief of publishing business Ruber Dubua and his complex relationship with fashionable innovation – a smooth silent reader who does not mind, not dumping, does not slander and nothing smells. But Robert Dubupa got used to live quite, quite different … Start with this novel, read it for two hours, say, on the plane, – and then everything was postponed to read in the summer, on vacation, when your hands will come and the time and time will come will be read per week.

Translation from French Tatiana Spring. Sinbad, 224 with., 2015.

"France in his pleasure. Looking for lost tastes »J. Baxter

This is not a collection of recipes and not a book-trip. This is a real French ART DE VIVRE. John Baxter – Australian, already 20 years living in Paris and writing about his streets, theirs, people, and how he, John Baxter, walks on these streets and lives in this city. The story is conducted by the tone of your good friend who has long been tired of the soup of soups, decorated with violets, and tells about a simple French menu of eldest possibleness: crayfish, snails, cocons, lamb and ox fried on the whole. The genre is defined as a culinary prose. Of course, this is a prose: appreciate the soft humor at least the names of the chapters "first find the broth" and "first get the king". Reading turned out to be rarely pacifying.

What to read on vacation

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