What women like sex for one night

What women like sex for one night?

English expression "One Night Stand" describes a random connection without commitment. It used to be assumed that a man remains more likely from such relationships. But is it today today? Our heroines and experts express different points of view.

More freedom

"Meets at a party with friends, and he immediately attracted me," says Vika, 35 years old. – When we retired with a glass of wine, he unequivocally made it clear what he wants. I used to reject sex at the first meeting, but here it felt that our desires converge. I did not worry, as usual, because of the excess weight, and that night felt a completely different woman – confident, seductive, violating all the taboo and norms. We have not met anymore, but I don’t regret anything ".

"It is believed that relations for a woman are built primarily on intellectual and emotional intimacy," Chris Armstrong has said the coach of interpersonal relations. – This installation has prevented many partners to liberate.

Sex without commitment, where both sides have the opportunity to be extremely frank and are not trying to demonstrate themselves from the best side in the hope of continuing the relationship, can help a woman relax and gain great bodily freedom. ".

Even if we are trying to play sexual games with a regular partner, we are often able to completely disconnect from the usual scenario of relationships, including sex.

"Communication with a person you almost don’t know, makes it possible to stay in a new role and often it is through sex to find that a new face that was not suspected about," the expert believes.

And what about love?

"I’m completely calmly accounted for to agree to sex with a person who I liked," says Marina, 28 years old. – Even if we no longer see you. I used to be convinced that it is impossible without deep attachment. But now I understand it is just enough to experience sympathy and be sincere with each other. It does not mean that I put a cross in close relationship. But while I did not find a suitable man and see no reason to refuse myself in life pleasures. ".

Alena, 38 years old, admits that she never had sex without commitment with someone who she was in love with: "One thought flashed in relation to one of the men – I wonder, could we truly be together and how Would it be? I do not exclude that serious relationships are able to be born from such an adventure, life is unpredictable. But I understand perfectly – a mistake to be addressed for sex, if in the depths of the soul you are looking for partnerships. Relationship for one night – about another. First of all – about pleasure and game ".

What women like sex for one night

Inga, 29 years old, responds about this experience negative: "We were colleagues at work and, as it seemed to me, always sympathized with each other. Everything happened after the corporate party – dancing and alcohol did their job, there was sex between us. However, after him, it was clearly awkward. At work did the form that nothing happened. I understood – he tries to forget this episode, and it became painful from this. Although I did not want to continue the relationship, it seemed that I was used ".

"I was on vacation to the sea, where the atmosphere itself has a romantic mood. Probably, in the depths of the soul we just wanted different. Although he did not promise anything to me, after the night, I had a feeling of special intimacy with this person. And the next day he began to communicate with me, as if nothing had happened. I had a feeling, as if I betray myself, fired something important, "Christina admitted, 40 years.

To whom it is for sure (not) is suitable

"Such relationships can hurt many women who have recently passed through mental injury, a divorce or loss of a loved one and did not find the inner support," recognizes Chris Armstrong. – However, it is also important that we gradually get rid of stigmatization: "The woman is a creature solely spiritual," "Sex without commitment makes a woman’s unhappy" and even "so she loses their dignity".

"As far as such a connection is suitable, it largely depends on the personality structure," says Psychoanalyst Tatyana Mizinova. – For a person too disturbing it may be a psychological blow. The reluctance of the partner to continue relations and its subsequent cooling he perceives painfully – feels loose and lonely. At the same time, people with traits of narcissism, which poorly manage to build close relationships, on the contrary, are easy to communicate without obligations – for them it rarely turns into injury. ".

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